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Bekins Agent Lincoln Moving & Storage Receives Thanks

Receiving thanks for a job well done is what we all strive for at Bekins.  Here’s another instance of great customer service received by Lincoln Moving and Storage in Brooklyn, OH.

Another satisfied customer writes:

I hope you and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving. I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with your moving services. The driver and his crews were very efficient, professional and just did a wonderful job. Thank you so much for all of your patience and help during this stressful time. Our things arrived in great shape and we are so happy to be getting settled in our new home. Thank you again and best wishes. I would be very a happy to recommend your company in the future.

Monica F.

Bekins “No Excuse Price” is the Best Option When Moving

A Bekins customer recently wrote the Cedar Rapids Better Business Bureau to praise Bekins agent Stannard Relocations about the exceptional service they received on the move from Belle Plaine, IA to Colorado and to commend Bekins for their “No Excuse Price” guaranteed price option. 

 This important pricing choice worked in his favor.  Reverend Campbell stated, “…I cannot underline enough the quality of effort, the professional spirit and the thoughtfulness of those who carried out the move.  Stannard Relocations met our expectations and our expectations were high.”

He continued…”This was our last moved in a professional career that required many moves.  Eight different moving companies we approach to provide an estimate.  Stannard  Relocations was not the low bid.  There were extenuating circumstances of unloading at our mountain home that would have run substantial additional costs had we chosen any other mover.  Beyond this was the reality that the weight of our move proved in the end to be much higher than any of the estimates given.  Bekins “No Excuse Price” is worth every penny for its slight additional fee.  When it was all over, it was Stannard Relocations that provided by far, the best deal we could have arranged.’

“For all the demands and expectations we put on Stannard, we are more than satisfied with the results and would highly recommend their services to anyone.  Again I underline the value of Bekins ‘No Excuse Price.”‘ — Reverend James A. Campbell

Be sure to ask your Bekins agent about this program and to get a free quote.


Bekins Moving Solutions Provides Superior Service

Bekins Van Lines strives to provide excellence in moving services to every customer we have the privilege of moving.  We received a letter from Dorine C. regarding the above and beyond service provided by Irma Jimenez of Bekins Moving Solutions, and our driver Jim Robinson and his unpacking crew.

Ms. Irma Jimenez
Bekins Moving Solutions, Inc.
20525 Nordhoff St., Unit 58
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Dear Ms. Jimenez:

“I wanted to extend a thank you to you and all the supporting crew from Bekins Moving Solutions for the special effort involved in moving my furniture and personal belongings from your Chatsworth facility to my home in Veron, CT last month.

Your driver, Jim Robinson did an excellent job to assure my belongings arrived safely and ahead of schedule.  His effort to account for the inventory (packed and stored by your Chatsworth staff six years ago in August, 2005) and to drive the large load to the East Coast was very much appreciated.  And, he made a special effort to see that the larger-sized furnishings were situated in the right location in my limited space.  His choice of two employees from Labor Ready (148 Franklin Avenue, Hartford, CT 06119) was a good one.  Those two employees, David Marquez and Domingo Vega, also worked very hard in a short period to unload and place the furniture and other belongings.

I was very impressed with how Jim, David & Domingo worked in unison and completed the move-in task in a timely and professional manner.  Please accept my sincerest gratitude for the superior job that they did handling this difficult task.”

Bekins strives to perform great service on all our moves and are so glad that this customer took the time to let us know just how well we did.

Great Moving Service!

As we have said before, good service is the goal of every successful company.  Here’s a letter received by Bekins Agent, Liberty Movers in Leicester, MA.  Thanks to all that were involved in this great move.

Hi, Paul –

Doug & I want to thank you and your crew for the “really fine” job moving us out of MA to NC. We were so very lucky to have made your acquaintance (thanks to Kathie Spangler.)

Your men were the ultimate professionals, taking tremendous care in the handling of our worldly possessions, and for that we can’t thank you enough. The icing on the cake was dealing with some really great guys. We all interacted on a very friendly basis, and this was such a welcome benefit for all concerned.

An extra special hats-off to the lead guy, Mike. He was instrumental in making certain things moving along without a snag. Not only did he have a strong work ethic but he approached everything with a great sense of humor & take on life. We enjoyed many laughs with him & we believe we’ve made a good friend. 

Moving is such a daunting task for numerous reasons, and we contended with so many challenges & snags along the way, however, our experience with your company was the true bright spot for us.

Again, we are so grateful to have worked with Liberty Movers, and if you would like us to be references for your company, please don’t hesitate to ask.

 Thank you again, and continued success with your business.

 Doug & Marcy DiNunzio

Great Customer Service by Bekins A-1

Giandomenico Move from GA to FL Oct. 17, 2011

Had to let you know that the service we received from Mike, Maleek and >> Isaah during our move was fantastic!  Each of these guys could not  have been more helpful or courteous.  They never stopped hustling and their positive, upbeat attitude lasted all day. What a great bunch of  men.  Bekins A1 in Atlanta is fortunate to have them as employees! 


Nick & Kallie Giandomenico

Moving Recommendation – Bekins ALL PRO Transfer

It’s always great to hear from a Bekins customer regarding great service.  We pride ourselves on providing excellent service.  Here’s a letter from a happy customer taking the time to let us know of his great moving experience.

“I had assistance for the move of my belongings from Virginia to Washington State by Mr. Tom Robbins of  your agent All Pro Transfer.

In spite of some problems and a spell of early bad weather in Virginia, the move was organized efficiently and is on its way.

I would recommend to my acquaintances and friends the service of All Pro Transfer and specifically of Mr Robbins.”

Driver Ricky Purnell – One of Bekins Best of the Best!

Having excellent service providers is the backbone of Bekins’ success.  Bekins Agent Driver, Ricky Purnell of Worldwide Relocation Services exemplifies the best of the best in our fleet.  Here is a letter from Rev. David R. Brinkley we received a few days ago that we wanted to share.

“We have moved coast to coast 3 times, and with Bekins’ driver, Ricky Purnell and his partner Tank, this was the best ever!  To say we are pleased is an understatement.  They were both consummate professionals, courteous, amazingly helpful, calm, accurate, had superb efficiency, were meticulous and organized.”

“We knew, seeing how easily they handled everything from bulky furniture to delicate boxes with fragile glass that all our items would arrive in perfect condition.  We never gave it another anxious moment.  We also knew everything would be unloaded the same way – and it was.

These two men are an absolute delight.  They receive our highest praise and thanks.  With over 334 items, nothing was lost or broken.

Ricky and Tank wasted no time, but never seemed rushed.  Everything was loaded and unloaded so well, no time was ever lost.

Thank you for a great move!  And thank you for having such great employees like Ricky & Tank.” 



An Office Move Done Right by Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage

Moving an office is challenging at best.  Using an experienced, quality moving company helps an organization get back to business sooner and have less down time.  Here’s an example of a corporation using Bekins agent, Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage for their recent office move. 

“I just wanted to let you know that your Bekins agent, Boyer-Rosene cruised through our move this morning. They were 15 minutes early, had really nice professional people and completed the whole office move in about 5 hours. I was totally blown away. I was expecting good stuff, but they just really impressed me. Totally worth the money.

I thought you would like to know about a very satisfied customer. I’ll be writing a review sometime this week for them, but I just wanted to pass along how great they did.”


Mike Santoro – President, Walker Sands Communications


Great Service by Bekins Agent, Stannard Moving & Storage

Bekins is always delighted to hear from customers about their great move experience.   Here’s a letter received by Bekins agent Stannard Moving & Storage-Iowa City, IA.

“My wife and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job your team did.  It all started from the beginning when you came into our home to give us an estimate for our move.  Professionalism is what comes to mind when we think about it.  Your attention to detail was greatly appreciated and it was that level of detail that helped us obtain an accurate quote.

Mostly, we really appreciated Nicholas, Sylvester, and Tim.  These three are the individuals who made everything happen.  I was really pleased by the level of respect, professionalism, and attention they gave to my wife and me.  I appreciate the amount of time they took to show respect to the home we were leaving as well as the home we were moving in to.  They placed padding around the walls, added cardboard to our floors so they would not get scratched, and took great care in handling our belongings.  These gentlemen worked very hard and in very warm conditions as well!

Nicholas, Sylvester, and Tim far exceeded our expectations when it came to our move.”

When originally scheduling our move with Bekins, it was estimated that our items would arrive between August 1 and August 4.  I was enthusiastic and impressed when Nicholas said he could have our stuff in our new location a day earlier if we would be there.  Needless to say my wife and I were ecstatic with your crew when they came and delivered the morning August 1.

It was amazing to see how skillfully Nicholas drove the moving truck, backing in-between two poles and positioning everything in just the right location so the move would be easier.  It was nice to see how he took charge and led the rest of the team in a professional manner.  Nicholas took time to make sure all of our questions were answered and that everything had been completed to our satisfaction.

Sylvester’s caring and light-hearted attitude shined through as he took time to listen to our needs and speak to us about our move.  He made us feel like we were more than just customers.  Sylvester provided enthusiasm and energy in our move – which we greatly appreciated.

Tim was only on the unloading end of our move and helped to make things move faster during the unloading process.  When I asked him to help me with something or the other, he did not hesitate to offer his assistance.  He provided service with a smile and conducted himself in a very professional manner that should be recognized.

All three of these gentlemen should be highly commended and recognized for their amazing service and professionalism.  I am not sure how promotions work in the moving business, but if I were in your position, I would be seriously considering some hefty promotions.  Your team provided us with excellence!  You would have been proud to see them in action as they represented themselves, you, and your company.

If my wife and I were to move again, we would have absolutely no reservation about using your company once again.  In fact, we would even prefer to have these gentlemen back into our home if a move becomes necessary in the future.  I’m not sure how feasible it would be to have them come all the way out to Indiana, but I have a hard time believing that another company or group of individuals would be able to provide the same level of satisfaction to their customers as Nicholas, Sylvester, and Tim.

Thank you Randy for ensuring a top-notch team for our move.  We truly appreciate what you have done for us, what your company has done for us, and what your team of highly skilled and highly qualified workers has done for us.”


Andy G