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Share the Road Safely with Truck Drivers

The average truck driver (over the road) is expected to cover 125,000 miles a year, which breaks down to 2,500 miles a week and equates to 500 miles a day. That is a lot of time spent on the road.

To help make a truck drivers job easier, follow these guidelines for sharing the road with semi tractor trailers. This benefits not only the truck driver, but your safety as well.

1.    Avoid Blind Spots
Due to the size of the tractor trailer there are four blind spots. They are directly behind the truck, both sides of the truck (a large one beside the truck’s right door and a smaller on the left side) and one directly the front of the truck. A general rule of thumb is to be able to see one of the truck drivers mirrors, if you can see him, then he can see you. Leave space when following a truck and give space when in front of the truck.

Despite how safe trucks and truck drivers are, 1/3 fatal crashes happen between cars and large trucks in their blind spots. Know where the blind spots are and avoid them.


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2.    Pass on the left
Due to the large blind spot on the right side of the truck, the truck driver will not be able to see you when passing on that side, so pass on the left.

3.    Don’t tailgate!
Follow trucks at least four seconds behind to avoid these dangerous scenarios, such as tire blowout, high wind and a truck braking suddenly.

4.    Don’t cut trucks off
Be sure to leave plenty of buffer room when you pull in front of a truck. Semi trucks need 300+ feet when driving at 55 mph to stop vs. a car that needs 140 feet when driving the same speed.

5.    Allow space between the trailer and the curb
Truck drivers sometimes move away from the curb and swing a wide right to turn. This is a blind spot for the driver, so don’t get caught between the truck and the curb.

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6.    Patience is a Virtue
Due to the weight of the load, a truck might not be going the speed that you may want it, so be patient. Avoid making erratic moves. When a truck is passing another one on the highway, wait for the truck to get back into the right lane. Never try to go around a truck that is backing up.

7.  Lower Your Brights
Your bright headlight setting causes reflections off of the large side mirrors of trucks that can blind the driver. Dim your lights when coming within one block of an oncoming vehicle.

8. Signal sooner
Because of the amount of stoppage time a truck needs, it is best to signal early when changing lanes, stopping or turning. Generally try to signal at least three seconds before making your move.

9. Merge with Care
Avoid merging in front of a truck when traffic ahead may be coming to a stop or slowing down.

10. Pay attention and Avoid Distractions
You should be doing this anyway! Distracted drivers are dangerous. Distracted driving has caused 9/10 fatal crashes and 2/10 with injuries.

AMSA Names Eight Bekins Drivers as Finalists in Super Van Operator of the Year

Eight Bekins Drivers have made it to the final round of the American Moving & Storage Association’s (AMSA) Super Van Operator contest.   Winners will be announced during the AMSA’s 2012 Convention which will be held in Las Vegas, NV on  Feb 12-15.

   The final round nominees are:

  • Samuel Artrip- Lifetime Achievement Category
  • Ernest Castro- Lifetime Achievement Category
  • Stephen Gassner- Lifetime Achievement Category
  • Denton Klahn- Household Goods Category
  • Thomas McNiff- Lifetime Achievement Category
  • Martin Schultheis- Household Goods Category
  • Reynir Skarphedinsson- Special Commodities Category
  • Stephen Tripp- Lifetime Achievement Category

Congratulations to all our Bekins nominees and best of luck to all our Drivers!


Great Customer Service by Bekins A-1

Giandomenico Move from GA to FL Oct. 17, 2011

Had to let you know that the service we received from Mike, Maleek and >> Isaah during our move was fantastic!  Each of these guys could not  have been more helpful or courteous.  They never stopped hustling and their positive, upbeat attitude lasted all day. What a great bunch of  men.  Bekins A1 in Atlanta is fortunate to have them as employees! 


Nick & Kallie Giandomenico

Bekins Announces President’s Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2011 Bekins Van  Lines Award Winners for Customer Service Excellence.  Bekins’ contractors, agent drivers and sub-drivers in all product lines are eligible to receive this award.  Winners are determined  based on nominations  provided by Bekins customer service, fleet and operations departments. Other criteria includes:  Having an excellent rolling 12 month average for posted move surveys on Bekins Quality Index (BQI) Ranking Reports; and earning “Top Block” service marks on Cartus shipments.  Click here for this year’s winners


Driver Ricky Purnell – One of Bekins Best of the Best!

Having excellent service providers is the backbone of Bekins’ success.  Bekins Agent Driver, Ricky Purnell of Worldwide Relocation Services exemplifies the best of the best in our fleet.  Here is a letter from Rev. David R. Brinkley we received a few days ago that we wanted to share.

“We have moved coast to coast 3 times, and with Bekins’ driver, Ricky Purnell and his partner Tank, this was the best ever!  To say we are pleased is an understatement.  They were both consummate professionals, courteous, amazingly helpful, calm, accurate, had superb efficiency, were meticulous and organized.”

“We knew, seeing how easily they handled everything from bulky furniture to delicate boxes with fragile glass that all our items would arrive in perfect condition.  We never gave it another anxious moment.  We also knew everything would be unloaded the same way – and it was.

These two men are an absolute delight.  They receive our highest praise and thanks.  With over 334 items, nothing was lost or broken.

Ricky and Tank wasted no time, but never seemed rushed.  Everything was loaded and unloaded so well, no time was ever lost.

Thank you for a great move!  And thank you for having such great employees like Ricky & Tank.” 



New Cell Divider Combo Offered to Bekins Agents

Check out CDS Moving Equipment’s latest packing product, a new cell divider combo.  This product will save you money and you’ll be able to offer your customers this exciting new product.  CDS is a valued business partner of Bekins and we want  you to see how this new revolutionary packing material works.  Click on the video below to see it.

Stop wasting money, space and excess raw materials. This product provides a spectacular safe way to pack fine glass and china. Less warehousing and easier distribution! CDS always trying to bring you the newest products and ideas in the industry!!

Bekins driver team goes the extra mile to help a customer

We wanted to share a customer letter with all of you.  Award winning driver Jordy Jones and his wife Trudi Jones were recognized by customer Koralee B. for going that extra mile during her recent move. 

Koralee writes, “Jordy and Trudi Jones have such positive attitudes, fun personalities, and strong work ethics.”  

She added, “There are not enough adjectives to describe the kindness of Jordy and Trudie.  Jordy was very respectful of our furniture and when the sofas did not fit up the stairwell he suggested we rent a storage unit and he would take them over there.  Well we did that and it turned out it was not big enough.  Since it was late in the day he offered to keep them on his truck and since he had to come past Rochester, the next day he would meet us at a unit large enough, that we rented.  He gave us the specifics measurements, so we rented one large enough the second time around!”

Jordy’s actions most certainly restored my faith in mankind.  I had not experienced such thoughtfulness and kindness since my Dad.  Most of us are in a hurry and involved in our own lives, myself included.  I actually cried due to the kindness of Jordy and Trudi.  Jordy’s kindness is not something we see everyday.  I am definitely going to pay it forward and keep in mind my actions towards others.  Bekins has an extraordinary employee in Jordy.” 

Jordy Jones was Bekins Driver of the Year in 2009 for the household goods division.