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Technology Tip: Top Apps to Use When Moving to a New City

It’s almost as if our smart phones have become another extension of our bodies – wherever we go, our iPhone, Android or other communication device is sure to follow.  There’s a good reason: these gadgets are handy and can help us out with almost every facet of our lives – including moving.

We’ve compiled a list of four apps that will serve you well during your move – Check them out!

  1. Moving Van: Unfortunately this app is only available for Apple products, but it’s handy enough to still be featured.  This app allows you to easily figure out exactly where you packed your items.  No more sifting through box after box trying to find your cell phone charger.  Simply assign each box a number and coordinate that number with the items in the box.  Then when you’re looking for something, you simply search the item on the app and it tells you which box it’s in. Handy? We think so!Moving Van app
    Has anyone used this app?  What did you think of it?


2. Moving Day: This is another very handy app, and bonus: it’s free!  The real highlight of Moving Day is that it has a built-in barcode scanner and label maker.  You can also print or e-mail directly from the app. It’s always helpful when everything can be completed in one process – this app gives you that capability.moving day app

3.  Beat the Traffic: This a favorite for a lot of people and for many reasons. First of all, it’s free. Second of all, no one likes getting in traffic jams while traveling and this can help you to avoid them at all costs. This app is accurate, has camera views, and gives a person the ability to report accidents or jams.  This is great for any kind of traveling, but if you’re moving a long distance and traveling there by car, it’s a necessity to have this app.

Beat the Traffic app
4. Gas Buddy:  No one likes getting a bad deal, especially on gas.  There’s nothing worse than filling up your car’s gas tank and then driving only a few miles down the road to find gas ten cents cheaper.  If you’re moving a long distance and are planning on spending a lot of money on gas to get there, this app must be downloaded as soon as possible.  You’ll be able to scout for the best deal on fuel and have a little extra money. Use it to treat yourself to a delicious meal while on the road!

Gas Buddy app


These are just a few of the many, many apps that can aid in the moving process.  Did we miss one of your favorites? If so, let us know! Leave us a message on the blog, comment on our Facebook page or Tweet at us.


Stay tuned for more technology tips that can help your move be as smooth as possible.

Bekins’ National Moving Month Tip #7: Labels

7.  Use packing labels.

During the packing and moving process, it’s tempting to want to stuff items haphazardly into boxes just to get the job done.  You will thank yourself though if you employ a little bit of organization to your packing process and pack by room.

Packing room-by-room gives you a head-start on unpacking.  If you indicate which box goes in which room, your movers will be able to unload much faster. It will also give you less work in the long run – you won’t have to haul boxes from room to room!

When you arrive in your new home on move-in day, print off or make signs to indicate the name of each room. For example, some options might be master bedroom, master bathroom, nursery, or linen closet.  If you attach signs to those doors and if you’ve labeled your boxes according to what room or closet they belong to, there will be no question where the boxes go.  This will speed up the moving process exponentially and also help you to find your items faster.

Attached to the blog are individual labels both in color and black and white for your printing pleasure.  These labels have space for you to also write what contents are in the box, speeding up the process even more.

The links underneath the pictures allow you to print off a whole page of labels instead of just individual ones.

Bekins black and white labels

Bekins’ black and white labels

Bekins colored box labels

Bekins’ colored labels


If you like this tip, we have more where that came from!