What is S.I.T.?

During your move, you will be given a date or spread of dates when you will be expected to be able to accept delivery of your items. But what if you cannot or do not want to accept delivery during those dates? What if you want to take this move… Continue reading.

Top Cities for a Salary Increase

A question I often like to imagine receiving is, “Bekins makes moving such a painless and enjoyable experience. Because of this, I desperately want to be moved again but have nowhere to go. What are the best places to move to?” Of course, the answer often depends on what you… Continue reading.

Thank You

Chances are if you moved with us this year, it was sometime between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Aside from being the unofficial beginning and end of summer, it is also known as the busy season within the household goods moving industry. Now that the dust has cleared, we want… Continue reading.

Moving Into a Furnished Apartment?

Now is about the time when the young academics of our nation start heading back to college. Let’s say you are helping Johnny Jr. move into his new apartment. You were able to find the perfect place in a quiet neighborhood close to campus and at the perfect rate. Not… Continue reading.

Bekins Moving Checklist

Moving can be a hectic process for anyone. It’s times like these that a checklist would help bring things into perspective. But who has the time to make a checklist that encompasses nearly every aspect of a household move from beginning to end? It certainly would be great if someone… Continue reading.

What Not to Move

Even in a perfect move, there are things you will want to take yourself or not at all. There are the obvious things that are oftentimes prohibited by law and common sense, such as explosives and noxious chemicals. A good rule of thumb for this category is to ask yourself,… Continue reading.