Bekins Moving Checklist

Moving can be a hectic process for anyone. It’s times like these that a checklist would help bring things into perspective. But who has the time to make a checklist that encompasses nearly every aspect of a household move from beginning to end? It certainly would be great if someone… Continue reading.

What Not to Move

Even in a perfect move, there are things you will want to take yourself or not at all. There are the obvious things that are oftentimes prohibited by law and common sense, such as explosives and noxious chemicals. A good rule of thumb for this category is to ask yourself,… Continue reading.

New Facebook Page Up and Running!

Be sure to Like our new page on Facebook and share your moving experiences with others! You may even find an interesting surprise from time-to-time, like our recently posted link to a good article on Bekins’ history—from horse-drawn moving carriages to 18-wheelers.  

What Can Professional Packers Do for You?

Should you conduct packing yourself? On the surface it seems like a no-brainer. With a little extra work, you can box your things up for pennies on the dollar. Let’s look at some of what some of that extra work is and how Bekins can save you from days or… Continue reading.

Bekins Agent Lincoln Moving & Storage Receives Thanks

Receiving thanks for a job well done is what we all strive for at Bekins.  Here’s another instance of great customer service received by Lincoln Moving and Storage in Brooklyn, OH. ___________________________________________________________ The Lincoln Moving & Storage Company – Agent for Bekins Van Lines Another satisfied customer writes: I hope… Continue reading.

Bekins Agent Action Moving Names Employee of the Year

Bekins Van Lines agent Action Moving Systems in Spokane, WA recently recognized Kris  Behm as their “Employee of the Year” at the agent’s Christmas Party.  Congratulations Kris! Kris has been with Action for two years. Kris was chosen for his undying commitment to customer service and willingness to do whatever it takes… Continue reading.

Moving to a New Home? Need Decorating Ideas?

You’re moving to a new home.  Do you need some decorating ideas to help make your new place look like home?  Here are some interior design tips from Interior Design News that might be helpful when you move and start getting settled  They recommend that when you decorate, you should consider… Continue reading.

Bekins “No Excuse Price” is the Best Option When Moving

A Bekins customer recently wrote the Cedar Rapids Better Business Bureau to praise Bekins agent Stannard Relocations about the exceptional service they received on the move from Belle Plaine, IA to Colorado and to commend Bekins for their “No Excuse Price” guaranteed price option. This important pricing choice worked in his favor.  Reverend Campbell stated, “…I cannot… Continue reading.