Bekins Loyalty Runs Deep – with Infographic

Since 1891, Bekins Van Lines has been an expert in the household goods moving industry. This didn’t happen overnight, with the help of many agents and support staff, especially drivers, Bekins is highly recommended among its customers.

Throwback Thursday: Bekins in Southern California

Since 1891, Bekins Van Lines has been a leader of innovation in the household-goods moving industry. Throughout Bekins rich history, the specialization in storage became a primary service, especially in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. For a special throwback Thursday, here is an article from the LA Times in… Continue reading.

What’s Inside Bekins’ Trailers?

Bekins’ trucks and trailers travel all across America packed to the max with household goods. Here is what an empty, brand-new trailer looks like before it is it put to work! Semi-trailers at Bekins are 53 feet long and have side doors on them. Some have one side door, but… Continue reading.