How to live with roommates…successfully

According to your standards, is leaving your shoes on the dining room table unacceptable? What may seem obvious to you may not be to a roommate. Recent studies suggest that roommates are replacing spouses in the 20th Century. As a Millennial who has successfully lived with the same roommate for three… Continue reading.

Less is More: Housing Market Trends

The popular saying of ‘less being more’ couldn’t ring more true in today’s housing market. What are buyers really looking for when searching for a house to call home? According to recent housing trends, it is less about the space available and more about having a cozy, well-maintained property. And… Continue reading.

Get Moving – Staying Healthy and Active!

While relocating your household goods requires a great deal of physical labor…we regret to inform you that relocating once every five years or so will not keep you in shape and healthy. We apologize if this is earth-shattering news. But as most of us know, living a healthy lifestyle takes… Continue reading.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning & Organization

If you can believe it, spring is around the corner.  Along with spring comes cleaning and organizing. It’s time to go through the old and make room for the new. Whether you realize it or not, household goods tend to build up throughout the year. Consider these tips as you… Continue reading.