Moving to a New Home? Need Decorating Ideas?

You’re moving to a new home.  Do you need some decorating ideas to help make your new place look like home?  Here are some interior design tips from Interior Design News that might be helpful when you move and start getting settled  They recommend that when you decorate, you should consider… Continue reading.

Five Signs that You are Ready to Buy a Home

Found this interested article from our friends at® about tell-tale signs that your are ready to buy a home.  Of course, when you need to move, be sure to contact your local Bekins representative for a free estimate. __________________________________________________________ We’ve been doing a lot of talking this week about renting… Continue reading.

Make Your House Stand Apart from Others

With so much competition out there when selling your home, what things will help your house sell before your neighbors? Realtor Magazine has put together this interesting slide show. Good luck on selling your home and when your ready for a mover, contact Bekins.

Finding Your New Home

With our economy currently in a “buyer’s” market, we found this article by Jorja Baumgarten of The Robinson team in Prosper, TX regarding what you should look for when house-hunting and moving to your dream home. re-published it in their blog, but if you didn’t see it, here it is again.  Keep a clear… Continue reading.

Why Do People Move?

Moving is a big deal.  There are various reasons why people move – job change, divorce, financial changes, retirement, downsizing or outgrowing your current home.  Whatever the reason, our experts can help you in every step of the process.  Bekins offers full service moving.  Our website can be a resource for… Continue reading.

Ready to Retire?

Have you considered where you want to retire?  Money Magazine has published where they believe are the best places to retire.  When retiring, what does your ideal place look like? Is it a hustling and bustling city or is it a country town? Is it on the sea-shore with a view,… Continue reading.

Hiring a Home Inspection Professional

You’ve found your dream home and can’t wait to get ready for the big move.  But don’t forget an important part of the home buying process – getting a home inspection.  Do your homework and know your rights!  Here’s some good advice from the blog about this very subject. Home Inspection: Know Your… Continue reading.