Simplifying Your Temporary Move

Whether you’re moving to graduate school or teaching abroad, temporary moves can be tricky. You don’t want to bring your childhood stuffed animal or large antique dresser, but you just can’t throw them away, either. What should you do? If you’re preparing to embark on an adventure without all your… Continue reading.

The Hidden Costs of Moving

So you have taken the plunge and decided to move. This is a big step, and one worthy of congratulation. But with this exciting step forward comes a lot of costs-some expected, some unexpected. No matter what your housing situation, planning a move turns out to be an expensive endeavor…. Continue reading.

Moving Out: Getting Back Your Security Deposit

Moving is emotionally and physically draining-but the biggest burden usually falls on your finances. Between packing supplies and making a down payment for your next abode, your budget may be tight. For families and individuals making a move, a return on their original deposit can alleviate some of the burden…. Continue reading.

7 Ways To De-Stress During A Move

In 1967, two psychiatrists developed a scale for measuring stress. According to their research, different life changes create different levels of stress in our bodies. If these stress levels get too high, we are more prone to injury and illness. One of the stressors that Holmes and Rahe identified is… Continue reading.

What Is a delivery spread?

When a sales consultant comes to your home to complete an in-home estimate, they will explain a variety of information. One¬†such topic is your¬†delivery spread. But, what exactly is a delivery spread? Your sales consultant will give you a set of dates that typically range of 1-14 days for your… Continue reading.