Relocating with Rhonda

Relocating is a unique experience for everyone. It’s exciting for some and dreadful for others. One of the best ways to understand the process is by seeking advice from those who’ve experienced it first-hand. Sales and Marketing Project Manager, Rhonda Baker joined the Bekins Van Lines team this spring. Prior… Continue reading.

5 Questions to ask during an In-home Estimate

Knowing the right questions to ask during an In-home Estimate is crucial to making it a success. Time is of the essence, so make your next estimate worth it by checking out a few must-ask questions. Are they a Pro-Mover? A good question to ask when considering a moving company… Continue reading.

April showers…brings moving boxes?

We know it doesn’t sound quite as appealing as April showers bringing May flowers. But spring is one of the best times to relocate. The temperatures are warming up, and so is moving season. Squeeze your move in just before the peak of moving season. While summer is generally the… Continue reading.

Tips to apply prior to your move

Okay – there are obviously more than seven things on your to-do list before you relocate. However these seven suggestions are often overlooked yet equally important. 1. Discuss your move with your kids. We have several tips on how to successfully relocate with children.  Bekins offers pro advice on moving… Continue reading.

Moving with Kids

Moving in Middle School Sure, moving is hard and stressful. But have you ever stopped for a second to think about what moving is like for your kids? I took a moment last weekend to catch up with some family friends who recently moved from Akron, Ohio to Indianapolis, Ind…. Continue reading.

Moving Your Antiques

  As a child, some of my favorite memories are times spent with my great grandmother. Every year, she would plan a week-long visit during the winter While visiting, my family could be sure we would get our fill of home cooked meals and endless stories. My great grandma lived to… Continue reading.

Planning a Successful Move

Although you may not be moving tomorrow, it never hurts to get a head start on planning. Bekins recommends starting the moving process at least four weeks in advance of your desired move date. Plan a move and relocate by following these tips:  A month in advance This is a great… Continue reading.

Relocation for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers never cease to be one of the most intriguing and talked about generations. Things seem to be getting more interesting for the Baby Boomer generation as retirement approaches for many. Use this free infographic for detailed insights on relocation for the Baby Boomers. This infographic sorts through trends… Continue reading.