Moving Into a Furnished Apartment?

Now is about the time when the young academics of our nation start heading back to college. Let’s say you are helping Johnny Jr. move into his new apartment. You were able to find the perfect place in a quiet neighborhood close to campus and at the perfect rate. Not… Continue reading.

Bekins Moving Checklist

Moving can be a hectic process for anyone. It’s times like these that a checklist would help bring things into perspective. But who has the time to make a checklist that encompasses nearly every aspect of a household move from beginning to end? It certainly would be great if someone… Continue reading.

What Not to Move

Even in a perfect move, there are things you will want to take yourself or not at all. There are the obvious things that are oftentimes prohibited by law and common sense, such as explosives and noxious chemicals. A good rule of thumb for this category is to ask yourself,… Continue reading.

Bekins “No Excuse Price” is the Best Option When Moving

A Bekins customer recently wrote the Cedar Rapids Better Business Bureau to praise Bekins agent Stannard Relocations about the exceptional service they received on the move from Belle Plaine, IA to Colorado and to commend Bekins for their “No Excuse Price” guaranteed price option. This important pricing choice worked in his favor.  Reverend Campbell stated, “…I cannot… Continue reading.

You’ve Decided to Move, Now What?

As a mover, Bekins has felt the ups and downs of the real estate market.  We know how exciting it can be to move to new home. But we’ve seen how long the process can take, so be prepared.  You contact your local Bekins agent to get a price for moving.  You… Continue reading.

Moving Tips – Planning All the Details

Here are some good moving tips to help you get ready for your move.   The more organized you are, the better your move will be.  Thanks to the MovePoint Blog for these great suggestions and reminders.  As always, plan all the details early – it will help your move a little less stressful! … Continue reading.

Important Moving Task

You  have closed on your new home and are ready to move in.  What’s the first thing you should do?  Change the locks!  You never know who might have keys to your home.  Give yourself peace of mind and ease your worries. Realtor® Jon Klein of Parkland, FL wrote an eye opening… Continue reading.

Making Your Move Easier on Your Children

Moving with children can be tricky.  There are so many changes on the horizon that it causes anxiety and stress for both you and your children.  Here are a few tips recently published from to help make the transition a little easier on them and you.  Just be sure to keep the conversation open… Continue reading.