The Importance of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Bekins Van Lines corporate office accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday, Aug. 20 to raise awareness for ALS as well as donate to ALS Association. Bekins challenged all of its agents to do the same. Before dumping ice water on yourself, here are some things you should know about… Continue reading.

World Humanitarian Day and Bekins

Today is World Humanitarian Day, which is a dedicated day to raise public awareness of the work undertaken by humanitarian organizations. We not only specialize in moving your household goods, but giving back is embedded in our corporate culture at Bekins Van Lines. For today’s blog, we are shining the… Continue reading.

Great Ideas Conference #NASMM2014!

Bekins understands that not every move is the same. While it may appear that we are simply moving your household goods from point A to point B, it is everything in between that makes a move successful, and in reality each move is unique. For example take myself, a young… Continue reading.

Valentine’s Day with Bekins

Valentine’s Day Some love it. Some hate it. Either way the big day has arrived, so it’s time to embrace it. The expectation of what the day will hold is often where we go wrong. It’s time for a change this year. We want to challenge you to be expectant… Continue reading.

New Year’s Resolutions & Moving

Anyone can make New Year’s resolutions. But not just anyone can keep them. It has been said that it takes three weeks to establish a new habit .For some, the timeframe may be shorter while for other s the timeframe may be longer. It can be difficult to establish these new… Continue reading.

Post Trade Show Thoughts: SHRM 2013

SHRM 2013 Having recently returned from the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Annual Conference in Chicago, our Sales team was abuzz with new and exciting ideas.  This annual conference, the largest of its kind in the world, brings together HR professionals as well as Insurance, Professional Development, Talent Management… Continue reading.

Bekins Recaps: National Moving Month

It’s been one month since National Moving Month began.  That means we’re one month in to the busiest time in the moving industry season.  To celebrate this month, Bekins produced a series of moving tips to help ensure a smooth and successful move. Now that we’re at the end of… Continue reading.