Need Moving Boxes? Try These 6 Places

You’ve set a date with your movers. You’ve signed the lease agreement for your new apartment. And you’ve picked up a few change of address forms on your way home from work. Now you feel ready to tackle the hardest part of your move: packing. You already have a few… Continue reading.

How to Safely Move Old Books

Over the years, you’ve added a several literary friends to your bookshelves. They wear worn leather bindings and have yellowed pages. They have that distinct musty but somehow pleasant smell that makes you sigh. They come in many shapes and sizes, and they contain the classics, histories, even criticisms. And… Continue reading.

Basic Tips You Might Overlook While You Pack

You feel excited and exhilarated for your next move. You look forward to a new city and different experiences. However, you may feel less than enthusiastic about packing up your current home. The idea of moving to a bigger house or a better area appeals to you, but the actual… Continue reading.