Packing 101: 2014 Spring Breakers

It’s been a long winter and you couldn’t be more ready to hit the coast of somewhere beautiful. No matter where you are heading for spring break, understanding how to pack like a pro is a must.  Whether you’re packing for a permanent relocation or a short-term vacation, Bekins has… Continue reading.

Moving Your Antiques

 As a child, some of my favorite memories are times spent with my great grandmother. Every year, she would plan a week-long visit during the winter While visiting, my family could be sure we would get our fill of home cooked meals and endless stories. My great grandma lived to… Continue reading.

Planning: The key to a successful move

As professional movers, Bekins wants to help you make your relocation as peaceful as possible. One of the keys to a smooth, successful move is planning and organizing the details. Sweating the small stuff sooner than later can help prepare you for a stress-free move. Simply print this list and… Continue reading.

Packing Tips for a Smooth Move – Size Matters

What the most dreaded part of the moving process?  Packing up all of your belongings.  Here are some packing tips that might help you prepare for this daunting moving task. During your move, it is important to use the correct packing materials needed to protect your possessions.  This will alleviate any… Continue reading.

What Can Professional Packers Do for You?

Should you conduct packing yourself? On the surface it seems like a no-brainer. With a little extra work, you can box your things up for pennies on the dollar. Let’s look at some of what some of that extra work is and how Bekins can save you from days or… Continue reading.

What Types of Moving Boxes Do You Need?

Most of us dread moving.  We all have accumulated so much stuff, especially if your family has expanded from just you, to you and your significant other to children.  You wonder to yourself “where did all of this come from?” You’ve sold your current home –  now some decisions need… Continue reading.