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How to Make Relocation As Appealing as Possible

Convincing employees to accompany you in a company relocation isn’t an easy task. You probably have a good reason to relocate – you need a bigger office, your current building is closing, or the whole company is moving – but that reason probably doesn’t help your employees feel good about… Continue reading.

Relocating Your Restaurant A Guide for Staying Sane

Relocating Your Restaurant: A Simple Guide

Has your restaurant become so popular that it has outgrown its small first location? If so, you may decide to move to larger real estate, introducing you to your next challenge: relocating your restaurant. To ensure your restaurant relocation goes as smoothly as possible, you have a number of logistical things… Continue reading.

4 Tips When Moving to Take a New Job

One of the most common reasons that Americans move is to take a new job. In fact, the 2012–2013 U.S. Census Bureau report showed that 9 percent of moves occur due to job changes, while in late 2017 Cheap Chicago Movers estimates that job-related moves are the second most common after new… Continue reading.

Top 8 Cities for Professional Women

As a business professional, your moves have a huge impact on your life. Where you live determines your available jobs, earning potential, and lifestyle. Whether you prefer a beautiful range of seasons or perpetual sunshine and you are considering moving, find your place in one of the following top eight… Continue reading.

How to Successfully Move Your Medical Practice

Do you like the location of your medial practice? Have you ever wondered how your clinic would benefit if you moved somewhere with a little more space or with a little more traffic? Regardless of your specialty, you can benefit from a move. Moving locations can increase the number of… Continue reading.

Is your move tax deductible?

When moving to start a new career or when relocated for your current job, federal tax law allows you to deduct your expenses with a qualifying move.  In order to claim your move as a deduction, all expenses will need to be reported on an IRS Form 3903 to be… Continue reading.