Bekins Northwest

John Gish

Customer Service and Account Sales

Bekins Northwest

7010 150th St SW , Suite 101
Lakewood, WA 98439

Phone: 206-763-6060

Fax: 253-579-0101


John has been around the moving industry all of his life as he is a third generation mover. He started working in the moving industry in 1974 in Fairbanks, Alaska. In the past 40 years he has held just about every position there is in the relocation industry, from helper to CEO of his own company. He has been with Bekins since 2008. His main responsibility is corporate sales. John has  been ranked in the top five in national account sales with Bekins Van Lines for the last three years.

Moving is not a perfect process no matter the effort put forth. Being available for his clients is something that he takes very seriously. Customers trust their movers with the items that they have taken their whole lives to accumulate. That responsibility is not something that John takes lightly. He makes himself available 24/7 as challenges do not punch a time clock.

The moving process is just one of the many issues that a family deals with when relocating. The change in residences, whether it is renting or buying and selling a home, can be a daunting task. Having children that have to change schools, leaving friends, changing banks, or finding a new church home is only a few of the issues that a family is faced with. John has developed a network of professionals that he has been able to call on over the years to assist with relocation issues. Offering these additional resources is something that John does at no additional charge even if a client decides to utilize a relocation option that he would not provide. John believes that going the extra mile is what sets him apart from others in our industry. The success that he has had assisting corporate families relocate year after year is a testament to the creativity that he brings to the table. He enjoys being a resource to assist in eliminating some of the challenges that a relocating family faces.