Mover Dudes Inc. Signs with Bekins Van Lines

New Agent Announcement Mover Dudes Inc. recently joined Bekins Van Lines’ agency network as a prime interstate agent. With the move, they link up with more than 150 Bekins agents across the country. Started in 2006 by current president Jon Eye, the moving company was previously an independent agent and… Continue reading.

4 Ways to Make Your Move Environmentally Friendly

Once you develop the habit of living sustainable and using environmentally friendly practices in your ordinary daily life, it’s easy to keep doing it. But when a big, disruptive event comes along — like a household move — you can easily revert to less eco- friendly behaviors. Moving can definitely… Continue reading.

Moving to a Large City

A move could potentially take you anywhere in the world, from the house next door to an apartment abroad. Each of these moves comes with a specific set of challenges based on the distance, your belongings, and other factors. Many homeowners assume that local moves in any city or town… Continue reading.