Protect Your Electronics During Your Winter Move

Protect Your Electronics During Your Winter Move

Pay special attention to your electronic devices when you relocate in freezing or wet conditions. The cold temperatures, condensation, and moisture of winter environments are harsh to electronic devices and appliances. Learn what you should know about the effects of cold weather on device components and how to protect your… Continue reading.

pack framed art

How to Pack Framed Art and Posters

With proper protection, your favorite framed art and movie posters will survive your move and grace your new walls for many years to come. Follow these tips as you prepare your framed art and posters for your relocation. Packing Framed Art Use specialty boxes made especially for framed artwork when… Continue reading.


Embrace Rules to Be a Great Condominium Neighbor

Whether you’re buying or leasing a condo unit, you have to live in harmony with the other residents who share your condominium complex. To be a thoughtful, non-annoying new neighbor, understand the dynamics of condo living and set clear boundaries for yourself. Here’s how. Read the Rules and Bylaws The… Continue reading.