Bekins Furniture and Specialty Items Moving Services

Moving is rarely as simple as packing up a few boxes and hitting the open road. There are items that require special attention, like automobiles, pianos, pool tables, artwork, delicate furniture and more. However, no matter what you need moved, you don’t have to go it alone. The experts at Bekins are here to help.

I Need Assistance with Moving Furniture. What Do I Do?

people moving a gray couchMoving furniture and other heavy items isn’t just difficult—it can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment and experience. The best way to move things like cars and furniture across the country is to get help from a professional moving company like Bekins. Whether you’re moving just a few pieces of furniture or you need to relocate your car across the country, we can do the heavy lifting… literally!

Looking for Moving Companies that Move Cars and Furniture?

Bekins has decades of experience with moving furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E); you can count on our team to get the job done right. Whether we’re moving heavy furniture or relocating vehicles, we work with our FF&E division, ELS Essential FF&E Project Management. ELS is one of the nation’s leading companies for this type of move. ELS offers professional warehousing and distribution services as well.

How Do I Move My Car?

Looking to move your car across the country? Bekin can handle that, no problem. In fact, we are one of the country’s leading auto transport companies. So, if you’re looking to ship your car, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with your local Bekins agent to learn about the most effective and affordable option for relocating vehicles.

team of bekins movers lifting furnitureSpecialty Moving Services: How to Move Pianos and Other Specialty Items

Heavy items such as pianos and pool tables are cumbersome, delicate and notoriously difficult to move… but not for the professional movers at Bekins. You can’t just place a piano onto a moving truck and hope nothing happens to it along the way—it takes a specialized loading procedure by an experienced professional to make sure your instrument gets moved damage-free.

Get Started with Bekins Moving Services for Furniture, Cars & Specialty Items

Whether you’re looking for help moving large furniture, you need furniture shipping boxes or you need to ship your car and furniture across the country, Bekins can help! To get started with our specialty moving services, contact us or a local Bekins agent today.

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