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Preparing your home and your belongings for a move doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful—especially when you have Bekins moving resources to help you out. Whether you’re looking for advice on local moves or long distance moves, explore our moving and packing videos below to get started on your relocation journey!

This is Moving Valuation Coverage.

Bekins is dedicated to ensuring the safe delivery of your belongings, but sometimes accidents happen. Knowing this, we offer protection plans to help you rest easier. Learn more about Bekins moving protection in our moving resources video:

Packing Tips & Tricks from the Experts.

Most folks in the United States move once every 8-11 years. That means when you have a big move coming up, you’ve probably forgotten all the packing hacks you found to make boxing up your items easier. No worries, Bekins has you covered.

As a national supporter of Legacy List with Matt Paxton, Bekins was able to bring the host to our headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind., to share top packing tips and tricks. In the six videos below, you’ll see Matt and our Bekins moving expert discussing general tips, what cartons and materials make for the best moves, and the best ways to pack specialty items such as mirrors and artwork, lamps and lampshades, stemware and dishes.

General Tips

Packing is arguably one of the most dreaded parts of the moving process. You’ll be happy to know that there are a handful of items we recommend you don’t pack at all!
Our Bekins moving expert outlines items you should leave off the truck when moving. There are obvious items like open gas cans and less obvious items including your everyday household goods. Learn more about what not to pack during your move by watching our video.


If you think you only need one type of box to pack every item in your home, press play on this expert packing video. The different types of packing cartons you’ll learn about in the short video keep your items safe while they’re moved to your new home.

Mirrors & Artwork

Delicate items like mirrors and artwork are among the most difficult to pack. If you aren’t able to leave these items to the professionals, you’ll want to follow our packing tips closely to make sure the items make it safely to their destination.

Lamps & Lampshades

A lamp is one of those items that isn’t heavy to move; it’s just awkward to move safely. Luckily, our moving experts know just what to do to keep your lamps and lampshades safe. Watch the video to learn how to pack these items.

Stemware & Dishes

The kitchen is an overwhelming room to pack. Cabinets full of glass, shelves loaded with dishes and appliances, and drawers chock full of accumulated items make it hard to know where to start. We suggest beginning by watching the Bekins moving expert talk you through packing your stemware and dishes to keep these delicate items intact during your move.

Choosing A Moving Company.

Moving is already at the top of the list of things people hate to do. It’s stressful to move away from the familiar; it can be heartbreaking to leave family and friends; and it takes a lot of time to pack and move your items that you could be spending on other things, such as taking care of your family or preparing for a new job. Making matters worse, every year, about 3,000 Americans experience moving fraud.

If you’re getting ready to move and are looking to use the expertise of a professional moving company, here are three crucial tips for choosing a moving company:

This is Moving.

At Bekins, we understand that moving isn’t easy. From deciding to relocate to packing your high value items and choosing a moving company, we know the whole process can be overwhelming. That’s why we make sure to provide you with all the resources you need to feel knowledgeable and prepared heading into your next big (or small) move! Explore more of our popular moving and relocation resources such as the Bekins blog or our FAQ page for answers to more of your moving questions.

Contact Bekins today if you’re ready to receive trusted, expert help for your upcoming move!

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