Packing valuable breakable items

How to Pack Valuable Fragile Items

One of the most stressful aspects of moving is worrying about your fragile possessions. Will they survive transport from one place to another? Will you open the boxes in your new home only to find everything you love busted? Are you going to find all your things ruined, eaten by… Continue reading.

how to move on by moving out

How to Move On By Moving Out

Sometimes life throws us curveballs. Maybe it’s a relationship falling apart or all of your children moving out for college. Maybe it’s losing a job, losing a loved one or losing sight of your sense of purpose. When these things happen, it’s easy to find ourselves overwhelmed by options. What… Continue reading.

An exasperated couple holding up exclamation point and question mark signs

8 Questions to Ask Before Moving in With Someone

Moving in with another person is a big deal. You’re connecting two or more separate lives in a very real way. Whether it’s a friend, family member, roommate or romantic partner, it’s hard to move in with someone without some anxiety. After all, how do you know they’re not a… Continue reading.

Stacks of books

What’s The Best Way to Pack Books For a Move?

There are a few predicaments all book lovers can relate to.  One: the overwhelming desire to buy or borrow new books when you already have a huge to-read list at home. Two: hours at a time vanishing when you don’t realize how long you’ve been reading. Three: cursing your book-buying… Continue reading.

Mover giving thumbs up while a box inside

How to Make Relocation As Appealing as Possible

Convincing employees to accompany you in a company relocation isn’t an easy task. You probably have a good reason to relocate – you need a bigger office, your current building is closing, or the whole company is moving – but that reason probably doesn’t help your employees feel good about… Continue reading.

Recycling logo on brown paper

How to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

Living an eco-friendly, green life is a priority to many individuals today. There are a lot of different ways people achieve these goals. Some focus on keeping their food consumption low-impact by buying and eating as locally and seasonally as possible or cutting out meat. Others devote themselves to using… Continue reading.