Main Street Movers, 2019 NJWMA Mover of the Year

Bekins agent voted NJWMA Mover of the Year

Congratulations to Bekins agent Main Street Movers on being named the New Jersey Warehousemen & Movers Association (NJWMA) Mover of the Year! Tom and Karen Mantzouranis, co-founders of Main Street Movers, are among the highest quality agents in the network, and Bekins Van Lines is proud of our association with… Continue reading.

Two people moving a painting up stairs. How Can I Safely Move my Collection?

How Can I Safely Move My Collection?

Most people collect something. Maybe it’s Star Wars action figures. Or tiny glass unicorns. Or books, vinyl records, snow globes–whatever! No matter what you collect, you want to keep it safe. Depending on the size or type of collection, that can be tricky, especially when you have to move it. … Continue reading.

House in sunset night before a move

The “Night Before” Moving Checklist

The night before any big undertaking tends to be restless. This is doubly true if it’s the night before a big move. You’re running over lists in your mind and probably worrying about everything that could go wrong. You can’t help but feel you must be forgetting something. Trying to… Continue reading.

Woman in an airport getting ready to leave on a big trip

5 Ways to Make a Big Trip Easier

Imagine this scenario: you’re moving across the country. You’ve spent months getting everything organized. You made a budget and successfully followed it. You hired the best moving company to help pack and transport your possessions. You’ve done it all right. Then, the week before your big day, you wake up… Continue reading.