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Why Writing a Catalog of Each Moving Box is Essential for a Smoother Move

December 7, 2022 | Moving Specialty Items, Packing Guides & Tips

It often takes us a lot of preparation, as well as a bit of stress to go on a short journey for a day or two. Now, imagine if you are moving to a new place for an indefinite period. It may take weeks and months of planning and execution to complete the process. Moving a home is one of the most stressful things a person can go through. Packing, being the most time-consuming task of the moving process.

Packing involves eliminating unused objects by selling or donating them, sorting various items based on their use, and arranging them in different boxes by labeling outside. Creating a catalog that includes each box and the contents within it can be of significant help during packing and can make your move smoother. By a catalog, we mean numbering each box, and have a corresponding paper with the same number, which lists every item in the box.

Benefits of having a catalog

Preparing a catalog of your boxes and its contents will ensure the following benefits during a move.

Plan the residential move effectively – A catalog will help you to plan your packing in an orderly manner. By referring to the list, you can separate those items that need to be packed and those that are to be discarded. This will be a reference sheet for you from the start to the end of the residential move during packing, transportation, and unpacking of your goods.

Arrange the boxes in order – You may have to manage many boxes that contain your household items that are made of various materials and are of different sizes and shapes. If you do not arrange them in order, it may create problems during transportation. A catalog helps you to identify and stack objects of similar sizes and shapes together, so that wastage of space can be prevented. You can also keep boxes carrying fragile objects on top of others to avoid breakage and damage.

Track any missed items – A major problem that people face after a move is that many objects get lost during packing and transportation. This is paramount for an international residential move. The best solution to prevent such incidents is to write a catalog with the names of all the objects that are being carried with the numbers of the boxes in which each object is kept. This will help you to track the objects easily once you unpack them at the destination.

Makes unpacking easy – While unpacking, confusion may occur regarding the rooms in which each object is to be placed. If the unpacking is done by a moving company, the chance for confusion is high, especially with simple terms written on the boxes, such as “kitchen,” or “den.” With a well-prepared catalog, such confusions can be avoided, and you can easily arrange the goods in the exact spaces as per your plan.

Avoid mixing of items – A catalog can help you in preventing mix-up of items when packing. Plan separate boxes for each type of object and write it down so that while packing you can follow the catalog in arranging them separately.

It is not necessary that you do all the packing by yourself. You can always get the help of some household moving companies near you. There are many cross-country movers in The United States providing reliable cross border moving service for those clients planning a long-distance move. You can start by collecting the contact numbers of a few established long distance van lines near you.

Bekins is a top-rated national moving company in The United States, providing long distance moving services for both residential and corporate clients. If you find it difficult to manage the entire move single-handed, or have some questions to clarify regarding the move, Bekins moving experts are always ready to help you.

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