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4 Tips for a Successful Coffee Shop Relocation

December 13, 2018 | Packing Guides & Tips

Relocating your coffee shop is exciting, but it’s a lot like holding a cup that’s brimming over with organizational and physical tasks that needed to be done yesterday. Stay focused on the future as you plan and execute your coffee shop move. Here are four ways to make your relocation a success.

1. Keep the World Informed

Independent coffee shops rely on word-of-mouth to attract a fair number of their customers. However, many coffee shops have strong social media involvement. Use both word of mouth and social media to spread the message about your upcoming relocation.

Social media platforms are great spaces to share your move as it progresses. Post maps and images of the new location. Take plenty of before-the-makeover pictures, and then add successive posts as you create the new coffee shop. Sharing your progress builds excitement for the new gathering spot.

If you’re relocating to a completely different area, reach out to social media contacts in the new neighborhood. For example, if you’ll be located near a courthouse, find out where the area attorneys post on social media and share your info. Seek out the potential coffee lovers in town, and let them know you offer something new.

To take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing, employ in-store notifications and details. Use small placards on tables and counters to alert customers of the move. Insert fliers or postcards in bagged goods. Bag inserts should include a map and a coupon that’s redeemable at the new location.

A relocation is a great time to change your menu. Before the move, test selected new menu offerings to gain valuable information and feedback from your customers.

2. Organize Your Inventory

Make your move smooth by creating a list of every item that must be moved to the new location. When you see the entire scope of items to be moved to your new site, you can schedule the help you need to adequately prepare and move your coffee shop.

Divide items by type for easier list-making. Categories of items may include:

  • Payment equipment, safes, and cash registers
  • Office furnishings, equipment, and files
  • Dining furniture and benches
  • Store décor and linens
  • Displays and display coolers
  • Coffee and espresso machines
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Flatware, china, glassware and dishware
  • Napkins, straws, and other consumables
  • Non-perishable dry goods

If you’re moving to a nearby location, you may be able to transfer perishable goods including dairy products to your new location. In most cases, items must be kept refrigerated for the entire move, and open containers of product can’t be moved. Consult the health code in your area to learn the precise rules for moving perishable foods.

3. Crunch the Packing Numbers

How much of your old shop is being transferred to the new location? If your chinaware and dishware are moving, who will pack the items? You’ll suffer heavy losses of coffee mugs and porcelain dessert plates if these items are not responsibly cushioned and packed for the move.

Estimate how long it will take for one of your trusted employees to pack up your fragile items. Determine the total labor costs for their packing tasks.

If labor costs for staff moving services will be exorbitantly high, or you can’t spare any employees to pack up items, your moving service can pack up sensitive items for you. Let your moving company handle the breakable items so you have both peace of mind during the move and surviving cups and saucers after the move.

4. Prioritize Quality Setup

Once you have your furnishings in the new location, prioritize the setup to focus on quality. Start by creating the conditions to make your best products.

One of the most important factors in coffee shop success is consistent, quality coffee. Get all the kinks worked out with water supplies, machines, and electrical issues before you do anything else. Make certain your kitchen is ready to cook your menu items the moment you open your door.

The next step is getting your exterior image on point. Hopefully, you were able to have the storefront updated before the relocation. If not, a fresh coat of paint on the trim, clean entry doors, and sparkling windows can go a long way toward presenting a fresh image.

Splurge on quality signage to make your coffee shop stand out in the neighborhood. Use exterior signs to direct people inside your location and interior signs to point new customers to seating and counters.

Design floor plans so that staff can easily manage table service and counter service when both are offered. Add the finishing touches to your dining and service areas with decor. Before officially opening, give your dining areas and kitchen a deep scrub. Shine the floors and polish the counters to give your business a bright, fresh appearance.

Invite old and new customers to a soft opening before your official grand opening. Your soft opening helps you work out the glitches and further test your new menu items.

Schedule specialized moving services for your coffee shop relocation by contacting your Bekins Van Lines, Inc., agent today. We have the packing supplies, vans, and expert packing staff to make your coffee shop move easier and more efficient.

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