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Women’s History Month: Heather Maiden, Olympia Moving & Storage

March 25, 2021 | Bekins News & Events

Jaymie Shook: Thanks so much for offering to share your story with us, Heather! What’s your history with The Wheaton Group? 

Heather Maiden: I became an owner-operator in 2019 with Wheaton. Once arriving at Wheaton, it felt like I was finally home and everyone was like family. In 2020, we transitioned to Olympia Moving & Storage, also within the Wheaton Family, and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity for growth, expansion and strife for excellence.

JS: How did you get started driving and when? 

HM: I wanted to learn everything! After driving a pack truck, then a shuttle truck, getting my CDL was my next goal. In April of 2015, I became a shiny new CDL driver, and an owner-operator just a few months later.

JS: What’s the best part of being a driver?

HM: The independence of being a driver is my favorite part of the industry. Getting to travel the country, and meet so many interesting people is a huge bonus, too!

JS: Travel would be right up there for me, too. If you would, describe your favorite memory as a driver for us. 

HM: I have two!

1.) Winning Driver of the Year 2019, with my husband Keith Allison.

2.) Waking up to beautiful scenery my first time going through Colorado after driving all night.

JS: It was so great to see you up on that stage at Conference! What’s something many people believe about household good drivers that isn’t actually true? 

HM: As a female driver, I believe we are underestimated quite a bit. We are a lot mentally, and physically stronger than we are given credit for. Customers and even crew members occasionally rush to help, when we are plenty capable of handling large and heavy furniture.

JS: What’s something that you wish other people in The Wheaton Group network knew about you or about drivers in general?

HM: My father, who passed away several years ago, is still a huge influence on me and the mentally strong person I’ve become today. he taught me perseverance, respect and kindness. And also, that there is ALWAYS a way to achieve your goals, no matter the obstacles if you put your mind to it.

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