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Main Street Movers has over 30 years of experience in the moving industry. Our guiding principle has always been that people appreciate genuine care, not gimmicks. We are a company deeply committed to old fashioned values, integrity and work ethic. We believe that a job is not worth doing if it’s not going to be done right. We always strive to provide the most timely, reliable and cost-effective relocation services to our customers.

The team at Main Street Movers has a long history of providing high quality relocation services in the tri-state area. As a family-run operation, we place the utmost importance on making sure you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the whole process. Moving is already a stressful time filled with vital decisions and emotional good-byes; we promise to do our best to keep your move on time and on budget, all while protecting the security of the belongings you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating.

Other services include:


  • Complete supply of packing materials
  • Disassembling of current office
  • Packing and inventory labeling
  • Relocation strategies with full pre-approved floor plan
  • Installation of modular furniture units


Main Street Movers Storage offers full-service, door-to-door storage. We create an inventory of your items; wrap and protect your goods in boxes and blankets and arrange for our professional movers to pick up and deliver your goods


  • Thorough inventory lists, arranged by item category or room
  • Protective wrapping of fragile items
  • Custom made crates for artwork, antiques, etc.
  • And even the unpacking itself!




  • Categorization and inventory management
  • Packing services
  • Apportionment and distribution of the estate’s contents to heirs and charities
  • Disposal of unwanted property


Sales team at Main Street Movers:

Nicole Faccone

Service Area Includes: Brooklyn, NY • Cathedral, NY • Corona, NY • Elmhurst, NY • Flushing, NY
Manhattan, NY • New York, NY • Queens, NY