Spring Into Action: Why You Should Move in the Springtime

Many homeowners assume that the summer is the best season for moving. Unfortunately, this perception means that an unusually high number of homeowners undertake moves during the summer without considering other options or accounting for seasonal challenges.

Many moving experts actually recommend scheduling your household moves for spring. Here’s why.

Better Weather

While it’s possible to move in most types of weather if you have the right resources, there’s no denying that mild temperatures and dry conditions make the process easier. Winter moves often involve accounting for snow and ice, both on the road and on residential walkways. Because of these weather conditions, injuries and property damage are more likely during the winter.

Summer may have less precipitation than most other seasons, but high temperatures can limit the hours in the day you have for outdoor work and can put individuals at risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Spring isn’t necessarily an idyllic season without any weather challenges, but it does tend to be more temperate overall. As long as you look at the forecast to avoid any spring showers, this time of year can offer simplified moves without the challenges of extreme weather.

Easier Home Sales

If you plan to sell your current house as you move to your new home, spring is the time to list your property. The real estate market is fairly busy in the springtime due to:

  • Home buyers’ desires to find and purchase a home before summer vacation
  • The appealing look of lush landscaping that begins to grow at the end of winter
  • The ease of staging a home for viewing after spring cleaning measures have been taken

In many areas, homes sold in the spring also go for better prices than properties sold during other seasons. Consult with a real estate professional to determine which steps you should take to sell your home this spring.

This simpler selling also means that it will be easier for you to buy a new house or find the right apartment in the spring.

More Mover Availability

Because many homeowners believe the summer to be the best time for a move, most moving companies see more reservations during the summer months. This busy schedule doesn’t eliminate the possibility of using professional movers, but it does mean that you may not have as much control. For example, you may not be able to choose your preferred moving day or work with as large of a team as you would like due to unavailability in the summer.

If you have the need to move within a highly specific time frame, especially due to lease agreements or work scheduling, you’re more likely to find the professional help you need exactly when you need it in the spring.

Additionally, many moving companies offer special discounts and service packages during the spring since they don’t have to plan for as many customers.

More Flexible Scheduling for Families

If you have children, you may assume that summer vacation is the right time to move. After all, during the summer your kids can help out with packing, cleaning, and so on.

However, in many cases, it’s easier to expedite a move when your children are in school. With your kids at school, you don’t have to oversee them in addition to any pets, other family members, and a professional moving team. This idea is particularly applicable for families with several young children who are more likely to get in the way or get hurt if they’re home during the entire moving process.

If you feel set on having your children help out during the move, consider timing your transition around spring break rather than summer vacation. This date allows you to take advantage of springtime moving benefits and avoid infringing on your summer vacation with a process that may be tedious or overwhelming.

More Time to Relax in the Summer

For many individuals, summer is a time for relaxation. Whether you spend your summer camping and hiking or dozing by a pool, moving during this time can be stressful and make you feel like you didn’t quite get enough sun over the summer.

If you choose to move during the summer, you could also end up with boxes still stacked up in your home as the holiday season begins, which can feel frustrating and delay unpacking for long periods of time.

When you move earlier in the year, you have time to not only handle the move itself, but also to settle into your new home before the summer months. A springtime move ensures that you can still enjoy all the activities and leisure of summer without the pressure of a move.

Take the opportunity to optimize your move. Don’t wait for the blistering heat of summer – plan your move for the moderate spring season.

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