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Moving This Summer? How to Prepare for These 4 Seasonal Challenges

July 26, 2017 | Moving Guides & Tips

Summer can seem like the perfect season for moving. Summer vacation time may allow your children to help more effectively and to transition from one school to another with minimal stress, while the sunnier weather means fewer concerns about travel conditions.

But the summer season presents its own set of unique challenges that can be just as inhibitive as those found during winter. In this blog, we list four of the common hurdles you may encounter during a summer move and discuss how you can overcome them.

  1. Heat and Humidity

One of the most obvious challenges of doing any large indoor-outdoor project in the summertime is the higher temperatures. Additionally, if you live in an area like the South, humidity can dramatically increase the perceived temperature and the impact heat has on you when you go outside.

Summer conditions can make loading and unloading uncomfortable or even dangerous. To reduce the risks associated with heat and humidity:

  • Avoid working outside during the hottest part of the day and instead perform most tasks in the morning or evening
  • Choose a cool place for your pets to stay that’s away from the packing and loading areas—in many cases, a kennel or a pet sitter’s house are the best options
  • Consider hiring professional movers to do most of the lifting and offer cool beverages to any moving team you do work with
  • Think about your personal hydration, wear breathable summer clothes, and apply sunscreen before beginning outdoor work

As you begin to work in the heat, whether you’re doing light packing inside the house or organizing the load in a moving truck, pay attention to your body’s signals. Take a break if you develop any signs of heat exhaustion, such as a headache, confusion, or dizziness. Seek medical care if symptoms persist.

  1. High Demand for Movers

Many individuals can only move during the summer. For example, college students may return home at the end of their school terms and military personnel often transfer during the summer months. For this reason, you can and should always expect a higher demand for movers and trucks in the summer.

This increased demand may mean you have less flexibility on how long the team can spend at your home or that fewer movers may be available for your project.

It’s important to make a reservation well in advance for any summer moves, otherwise, you run the risk of not getting the services you want or need because no one is available. Additionally, an early reservation prevents you from having to pay any fees related to a short-notice reservation.

  1. Limited Amounts of Moving Supplies

Just as the summer months create a higher demand for moving professionals, this time of year also comes with a higher demand for moving supplies. Many of the items you might usually rent for a move, such as dolly carts and reusable plastic bins, may not be available during this season.

As you approach your move, think about your options for moving supplies. If you have hired a professional mover, the company will likely be able to supply the majority of your materials, depending on the moving company’s policies and the services you’ve contracted them for.

If you don’t have materials coming from a mover, you may need to get proactive and creative. In the weeks leading up to your packing period:

  • Ask your friends, family, and neighbors if they have any packing supplies you could borrow or use for the move
  • Collect boxes as they come through your house, especially mid-sized containers like paper boxes
  • Find household items that can be used as moving containers, such as rolling suitcases and shoe boxes
  • Stock up on packing tape in case there’s a limited availability during your packing period

In addition to these measures, you can have individual items boxed up by professionals. For example, many art galleries provide packing services for paintings and some moving companies offer packing services as well.

  1. Seasonal Storms

While summer may be known for its blue skies and hot temperatures, your area may also experience seasonal summer storms. For example, in the Midwest, the summer months are more likely to have sudden rain storms, flash floods, and tornadoes.

Pay attention to the weather forecast as your moving day approaches. You can use many of the tactics you would use in the winter or springtime to avoid moisture problems resulting from most precipitation. Learn more in our previous blog, “Moving in Bad Weather: How to Stay Safe in the Rain or Snow.”

Use these guidelines to stay cool, calm, and on track during your summer move. If more obstacles arise as you begin the moving process, discuss your concerns with a qualified professional mover to ensure than an inconvenience doesn’t cause delays, property damage, or more serious issues like injuries.

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