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5 Tips to Safely Prepare Entertainment Media and Equipment for Your Move

August 22, 2017 | Moving Specialty Items, Packing Guides & Tips

Home theater systems, stereos, gaming consoles and DVDs represent a significant investment in your entertainment pursuits. After your moving company relocates your media equipment to your new home, you can have your movies, music and games up and running in no time when you follow the tips listed below.

Take Plenty of Pictures

Before you take your media components apart, use a camera or phone to capture clear pictures of the setup on the back of each piece of equipment. Include shots of the cord configurations for all of your flat screen TVs, DVD players, video-game consoles and stereos.

Get clear shots of video, audio and other cables and attachments. You’ll have a much easier time setting up your media equipment when you have a clear image of where each part fits. You still need to label your media cables as noted below, but the clear photos help when you’ve identified the correct cables and are ready to plug them in place.

Grab Some Dust-Free Cloths and Clean

A few days before your move, use dust-catching cloths to wipe down and dust all of your media components and products. These items include your TV, game protectors, cords and all controllers.

When loose or caked-on dust is stirred up during a move, it may scratch TV monitor glass and other sensitive materials. Dust and other small debris can settle inside media components and harm the electronics or memory components inside. Only pack clean, dust-free materials in your moving boxes.

Stock Up on Labels 

You may have media equipment that’s only temporarily hooked up to your TV, speakers or monitors but not in use right now. If so, you probably can’t quickly take pictures of the cable setup.

You may think you’ll remember which cable goes to which video-game console or DVD player as you take the components apart for packing. However, if you have several TVs, gaming consoles, speakers and other media components, the cords and connections will start to add up and become overwhelming to recall.

Instead of relying on your memory to set up media in your new home, label all of your cables and components as you take them apart. You can use a number system on labels if you’re truly organized. Or, simply write the name of the corresponding media equipment on the label you place on each cord.

If you pack all of your labelled cords, remotes, instruction manuals and controllers into one sturdy plastic tote, you save yourself a lot of hassle in your new home. Smaller items won’t be mistakenly discarded in the packing material of big boxes. Remotes and cords won’t accidentally knock around in the flat screen box and break the glass. All of your accessories and components are in one go-to container for simplicity’s sake.

Be Gentle with DVDs and Video Games

Use sturdy containers for your media products like DVDs, CDs, and video games. Place them in their original packaging whenever possible. You can also purchase rigid game and video protectors that add an additional layer of security to your media collections.

Some game and video packaging is flimsy, so never stack these items flat on top of each other. Instead, choose small, strong boxes to hold your games, Blu-ray shows and DVDs. Line the boxes with bubble wrap, and place the titles upright like books on a library shelf.

Use foam or bubble-wrap to cushion the sides and tops of the DVD and video-game cases. You don’t want them to shift around and get damaged in the packing box. If you have the time, make a list of all of the titles as you place them in each box. Put the list on top of the box (under the flaps), and seal each box up well with packing tape.

Keep the Flat Screens Upright, Too

If you’re not careful with your flat screen TVs, they can easily be broken or cracked during your move. Damage often occurs when the flat screen is packed flat on its back and then someone places a heavy object on top of the box.

Jumbo flat screen TVs may break because they’re huge and unwieldy. It’s best to let professional movers handle the packing and transporting of your huge flat screens. If you must move a bigger TV yourself to clean or move other furniture before the move, always keep the TV in an upright position.

Pack the flat screen in the original box with the original cushioning material if you still have these items. If not, your moving company has specialty flat screen boxes available. If you store the flat screen in your home before the move, make sure it’s placed between two rigid, upright items like a dresser and a mattress. Avoid storing any electronic components in frigid, damp or extremely hot conditions.

The moving professionals at Bekins Van Lines, Inc. have many more tips and packaging products available to help you safely and securely relocate all of your favorite entertainment items. We also offer storage-in-transit and personal valuation protection of your entertainment investments. Contact us today to coordinate your entire move from start to finish.

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