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Essential Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Summer Move

August 22, 2017 | Moving Guides & Tips

Summer is the busiest moving season, yet there are a lot of things that people don’t consider while planning fun in the sun at their new home. When you are tasked with preparing for a move during the warmest season of the year, consider these do’s and don’ts to ensure that you have the most successful move possible.

Do Buy Extra Necessities for the Final Days in Your Old Home

When you are packing and preparing for professional movers to arrive, you may pack necessities in the boxes. Imagine your disappointment when you need them that evening, though! Buy extra toothpaste, mouthwash, laundry detergent, paper towels, garbage cans, and other items that you may need after everything else is packed away.

During the summer months, necessities may include small, battery-operated fans and extra ice for cold, refreshing drinks. Keep an eye on the forecast and make sure that you are prepared to handle the heat.

Don’t Forget About the Needs of Your Pets

Moving can be very stressful for furry friends who get confused and frightened when things change. Don’t forget that your pet is relying on you, and you need to try to make things as pleasant as possible. Ease some of the burden on your canine or feline companion by anticipating your pet’s needs and discerning how you can best meet them.

You may need to put your pets in a kennel for a portion of the day, so be sure they have plenty of food and water. Keep checking the water bowl often throughout the moving day. Never leave your pet in the car even if you just run in a store during the move. The interior of a car during a hot summer day can be deadly.

Do Plan Your Move Strategically as Early as Possible

Moving expenses can be at a yearly high during the summer months, and the availability of movers and equipment can seem scarcer. That’s why it’s important to plan early and schedule a time for professional movers as far in advance as possible. Then, as the date of your move approaches, it doesn’t hurt to confirm the appointment if you’re nervous about making it early.

Although the average person reserves the equipment that’s necessary less than two weeks in advance, you can save yourself time, hassles, and worries if you plan several weeks or at least a few months early. Making the appointment early can free you up to focus on other aspects of your move that need your attention.

Do Consider Storage for Things You Don’t Need in Your New Home

Whether you are scaling back and moving to a smaller home or expanding your horizons with a bigger house, you may have extra stuff that would only clutter your new home. Instead of lugging things you don’t truly need or use often to the new house, consider putting them in storage for a while. That way, you can reduce the size of your move even slightly.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Moment for Anything

The key to an optimal move is effective planning. However, even with a seemingly foolproof plan in place, many new home owners procrastinate until the last minute for some of the moving tasks they find most unpleasant. Don’t fall into that trap. Keep track of all the steps you need to take and mark them off as they’re fulfilled. Don’t leave out a single thing.

Do Keep Track of Moving Expenses

You may be able to deduct some of your moving costs when tax time comes around. If you’re serving the country and need to move because of a permanent change of station or military order, you can deduct the costs. There aren’t many restrictions on that.

Otherwise, you are permitted to deduct moving expenses if your move is related to your job and falls within the allotted distance and time period that’s set by the IRS. If you’re just moving within the neighborhood, you won’t be able to claim the deductions. You must stay at the same job that motivated you to move for at least 39 weeks after the move to claim the deductions.

You can incur extra expenses during a summertime move, so be sure to track each one. It’s necessary to keep an accurate record during the moving process that records each expense that you incur that’s directly related to moving for work. That can include gas and oil for your automobile that’s used in the move, but it can’t include things like a new driver’s license.

Finally, keep in mind that summertime can be the ideal season for moving. You can overcome its challenges by following these tips and relying on helpful, friendly professional movers. Bekins Van Lines Inc. offers free estimates so you can determine how the company can best serve your needs for a summer move.

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