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7 Situations Where You May Need Packing Services for Your Move

November 22, 2017 | Packing Guides & Tips

When you think about moving companies, you likely picture strong workers carrying furniture out of a home and loading it into a truck. While the primary focus of moving companies is on the moving itself, many movers also offer packing solutions. You may hire packers on their own or in addition to movers.

The question many homeowners face when deciding on the exact services to request from a moving company is which services they actually need to streamline the transition and which services are unnecessary.

There is no standard answer to this question. The right moving services for you depends entirely on your situation, priorities and budget. In this blog, we list seven situations when it may be in your best interests to hire a professional packing team during your upcoming move.

1. Busy Period Surrounding Move

Packing is perhaps the most time-consuming portion of any move. If you look at your schedule several weeks before and after your moving day and realize that your days are already filled to the brim with other tasks, you may not be able to complete all of your packing in time.

Additionally, you must consider the quality of packing you can do alone. If you remain extremely busy when you need to be packing and unpacking, you are less likely to be able to take the time to find and use the appropriate packing methods, which in turn increases the risk of damage to your property.

2. Concerns About Organization Before and After the Move

The services of professional packers and packing teams can be vital to the organization of your move. Packing services before a move include a full inventory of items and a consistent labeling system that can provide you with peace of mind about where each object ends up.

If your moving company offers unpacking services, you can partner with this expert team to anticipate potential organizational issues and ensure that when you start living in your new home everything is in its place.

3. Conflict Between Moving and Household Needs

While your upcoming move is certainly one of your highest priorities, the needs of your move do not take precedence over the needs of your family. If you serve as a caregiver for a loved one, work as a stay-at-home-parent with several children, or are a single parent, you may not be able to pack and take care of your household simultaneously.

In this situation, evaluate what you can reasonably expect to get done. If you anticipate being unable to completely pack up, consider full service or partial packing services. Even hiring packers for just the most difficult room in your house can help you keep your priorities in order.

4. Inflexible Work Schedule

Unfortunately, you can’t work and pack or unpack simultaneously, even if you work from home. If you know that you won’t get very much time off from work or that you start your new job the day after you arrive, you may want a professional packing service to help your move be efficient and successful.

This solution can enable you to stay clear-headed at work and optimistic about your move without sacrificing your evenings, nights or weekends to cram in more packing time.

5. Large Move Scale

Most moving professionals recommend contracting some packing help whenever you attempt to move a home that has three or more bedrooms. For individuals, moves on this scale can be overwhelming and extremely difficult to keep organized.

For professional packers who work with a standard system of organization, the scale of your move only changes the number of workers they need and the length of the moving process.

6. Long-Distance Move

When you move locally, you can get away with imperfect packing. After all, you can always bundle up fragile items and transport them in your personal vehicle on one of your trips between your current house and your future home.

During a long-distance move, you must ensure that your belongings will withstand all the rigors of travel and arrive intact. If you’re moving internationally or even just cross-country, a packing team can offer expertise and essential tools to protect your possessions as you move.

7. Numerous Vulnerable Items

Many packing teams offer services for vulnerable items even if you don’t need whole home packed up. For example, packers could crate up your artwork, dinnerware or collectibles.

If you have a lot of items that are fragile or expensive or both, you can protect them by hiring specialty packers. You should also determine whether or not you need insurance for these items as an additional safeguard.

If you face any combination of the circumstances listed above during your upcoming move, discuss your packing options with your chosen mover. For established and reliable packing, moving and unpacking services, trust Bekins Van Lines, Inc. Contact our team of packers today.

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