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How to Talk to Your Children About Moving and Prepare Them – Part 1

March 1, 2019 | Household Moves

A family moving into their new home, every person with a box to carry

Talk About It

The first order of business is to talk about the move with your children. Provide your children with information about the move as soon as possible. Be prepared for their reactions and expect a lot of questions. Answer their questions as honestly and completely as you can. This important conversation will help to set the stage for the rest of your move.

Get Them Involved

Involving your children in the moving process can help make your children feel less like the move is being forced upon them. If your child is old enough, invite them to help look for your new home, their new school, and activities in your new community.

Moving by Age

Your child’s reaction and excitement toward moving will vary with age. Younger children tend to be the easiest to move, as they do not fully understand the changes involved. Kids who have started school may be excited about a move, but will need your help with the transition. Teenagers can be the most challenging during the moving process, as they may rebel. You can help your teen by listening to their concerns and talking to them about your reasons for moving.

In next week’s article, we will discuss some techniques you can use to help ease your child’s transition to a new home.

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