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How to Get Your Kids Invested in Your Move

October 6, 2019 | Household Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

Moving is hard on everyone in your family. You have to worry about budgets, timelines, hiring movers, and packing a house. Your pets have to worry about being in their kennel for the move, new smells, and a new neighborhood. Your kids have to worry about their entire lives changing in a big, scary, and unpredictable way. There’s no denying how stressful moving can be.

We’ve written about how you can relax during a move and how you can take care of your furry friends before. Today, we want to focus on the children in your family. The best way to make a move easy on your kids is by getting them invested in the process. By feeling involved and like a part of the move’s decision making, your kids will feel more in control and a lot less stressed out.

Here are a few easy ways you can get your kids invested in your next move:

Be transparent and communicative.

Kids are smart. They notice more than we often give them credit for, and often more than we notice ourselves! Don’t hide your move from your children. Let them in on the plan from the beginning. Giving them a voice will make it easier for them to adjust to the move. They’ll feel more comfortable discussing their fears and excitements.

We know how stressful and time-consuming planning a move can be, so it’s easy to assume your kids will be fine. Don’t assume; instead, talk, plan, and ask. The time you spend on dialogue now will help you avoid more stressful conversations later on.

Let them come with you when you’re house hunting.

The very first step of a move is figuring out where you’re moving. Let your kids help you pick out where you’re going. Listen to them when they tell you the things they like and don’t like. If you’re going house hunting in town, bring them along to open houses. You can let them pick where their potential room would be in each home you visit.

If you’re moving cross country, they can look through listings with you online using websites like Zillow. If you let your kids help you choose where to move, they’ll feel happier and more familiar with your new home when you move in.

Give them a job.

There is no easier way to get your kids invested in your move than giving them a job. If your kids are in charge of some aspect of the move, they’ll feel trusted and respected.

The type of job you give them will depend on their relative ages and maturity levels. Young toddlers can help with packing by putting all their stuffed animals in boxes or going through their clothes. Older children can be put in charge of labeling moving boxes. Other job options include taking care of pets, packing the pantry, or helping to make a moving playlist for the drive.

Help them find excitement.

Change is especially scary for children. That’s because, more often than not, they have no control over the situation. It’s hard to have your whole life change and not be able to do anything about it. Take time out of the stressful planning and packing processes to acknowledge this.

Work with them to find things to be excited about. Take them on a mini-vacation to your new neighborhood to explore. Find a new favorite local bakery or book store. Go on a tour of their new school and let them speak to their future teachers. Add fun anywhere you can so they can more easily become comfortable with and invested in your move.


It’s a lot of work to move house, especially when you’re moving an entire family. Let Bekins help make your move easier by taking care of your packing and transport. That way you can focus on the important task of acclimating your family – kids, pets, and all – to their new home. Get in touch with us anytime to see how our customizable solutions can fit your family’s needs.

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