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Women’s History Month: Ambar Gonzalez, Breda Moving & Storage

March 23, 2021 | Bekins News & Events

We appreciate Ambarr A Gonzalez for spending some time giving our network insight into her life as a single mother on the road.

Jaymie Shook: What’s your history with The Wheaton Group, Ambar? 

Ambar A Gonzalez: I have been part of WVL since 11/2020. I just recently became certified and I love it! I have been in the industry for over a decade. My goal is to become an owner-operator!

JS: That’s an excellent goal! how did you get your start as a driver?

AG: I have been driving commercial vehicles since 2009 for a smaller company. I became involved with the industry in 2011. It has been a great adventure and a pleasurable experience!!!

JS: Glad to hear it’s something you enjoy! Tell us, what’s the best part of being a driver? 

AG: The best part about being a driver is when the shipper asks, “Is that a woman driver… are you the one in charge?” I have to admit, seeing the shippers stressed and confused is not fun, but when I leave, they are happy. They say I’m an angel that comes to save them in a time of need and stress! Overall I would say getting paid for what I love to do is the best part of being a driver!

JS: Ambar, describe your favorite memory as a driver. 

AG: My favorite memory as a driver is setting an example for my daughter and son. Being a single parent in a male-dominated industry and pushing forward has helped me show my kiddos that women can do the job just as well. It has pushed me to become a better parent. Constantly remind them that a woman driver earns her respect from the sweat on her forehead.

JS: I love that. What’s something many people believe about household good drivers that isn’t actually true?

AG: That they’re all men!!! 🙂

JS: Great point! What’s something you wish other people in The Wheaton Group network knew about you or other drivers in general?

AG: Women like me have crossed frontiers. We help in many ways. I love to smile, and I do my job with a smile. Being seen as an angel in the industry is always a rewarding experience. I take pride in what I do, but most importantly, I treat them like family! I walk in, and they are stressed; I walk out, and they are all smiles!

JS: Thanks so much for all you do, Ambar! 

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