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Moving with Pets: How to Make Relocation Simpler

From their favorite spot in the sun to the blanket they always snuggle with, dogs, cats and other pets become accustomed to the way their homes look, smell and feel. Moving to a new home can be difficult on everyone in the family, but for your furry companion it can be especially stressful and confusing.

To help your move go smoothly for both you and your pet, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks. We understand that every move and every pet is different, but we hope this general guide will give you a few ideas on how to make the experience easier on the whole family.

Moving with Pets: Tips for Success

Before the Move:

1. Contact Your Vet

Check with your vet about any necessary medications, tips for keeping your pet calm during a move and even recommendations on vets in your new area. This way, you can feel confident that you’re setting your pet up for success and you’ll be taking them to a trusted and reliable vet wherever you’re headed!

2. Get Your Pet Used to Being in a Vehicle

This tip is especially important if you’re moving across the country with your pet. Before the big day, take your pet with you on shorter car rides so they can get used to being in your vehicle. Plus, this will give you the chance to see how they react in the car so you can better prepare for moving day.

3. Put Together an Overnight Kit

Just like you need to put together an overnight bag for you or your kids during a move, you also need to pack one for your pet. This kit should include anything they need to be comfortable during their first night or two in the new home, including:

  • Food
  • Treats
  • A favorite toy
  • A bed or blanket
  • Grooming tools

During the Move:

1. Don’t Involve Your Pet During the Big Day

If possible, have your pet stay with a trusted friend or family member or at a kennel during moving day. Whether you have a cat, dog, ferret or something else entirely, there’s a good chance that the hustle and bustle of moving day will stress them out. Plus, knowing that your pet is out of the way will make it easier for you and the moving company to move boxes out of the house and into the truck.

2. Keep Them in the Vehicle

Once you’re on your way to your new place, keep your pet in their kennel until you get to your destination (if possible). Even if your pet is normally well-behaved and well-trained, you never know how they’ll react in new and stressful situations. To keep them from running away or sneaking off, try your best to keep them comfortably snuggled up in their kennel.

Tips for After the Move:

1. Keep their Favorites

Keep your pet’s favorite toys or belongings so they have something that feels like home once you move in. Whether it’s a blanket that smells like you, a toy they always sleep with or their all-time favorite treats, make sure you have something “comfortable” to give them once you arrive at your new home.

2. Update their Information

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, update their tags or microchip information. This way, if they get lost in their new neighborhood, your new address is connected with your pet and someone will surely bring them right back!

3. Give them Time to Adjust

Just like you need time to adjust to your new surroundings, your pets do, too! Moving with pets is difficult, so make sure you allow yourself, your family and your pets time to adjust to all the changes that come with relocating. If your pet needs a little extra attention, it may be helpful to gradually introduce your pets to new rooms one at a time instead of all at once.

Bekins Van Lines Can Make Moving Simple for You and Your Furry Friend

If you’re ready to relocate with your dog, cat, ferret, lizard or all of the above, get in touch with the experts at Bekins Van Lines today! We understand the importance of making your move hassle- and stress-free so you can focus on your pets, your family and your new home!