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When you need a moving company in the Corvallis, OR, area, turn to Cross Town Movers. True to our name, we serve as local movers, but we also provide intrastate and interstate moving services, always communicating as well as possible so we can give you the positive experience you deserve.

You’ll Know What’s Going On

We supply plenty of resources to help you organize your move, such as our moving guide, FAQ page, and moving checklist. Whether you want to know what you should do while your movers work or need tips for moving your office, you can learn what you need in only a few clicks.

We’ll Know How to Help

Cross Town Movers is committed to your satisfaction. In fact, we guarantee it. If at any time you have questions or concerns, let us know, and we’ll talk with you and then address any issues. As movers who work across the United States as well as within Corvallis, OR, we have plenty of experience with aspects of moving ranging from planning and packing to delivery and payment; we’ll be able to get you the answers you need.

Additionally, our interest in your feedback doesn’t end when your move does. When you’re through working with us, you’ll have the opportunity to fill out our customer satisfaction survey, which we’ll use to make our services even better.

Call us at 541-752-0646 to start working with us.

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