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Looking for International Moving Companies You Can Trust?

If you’re looking for a reliable international moving company with a stellar reputation, you’ve come to the right place. When moving out of the country, it is crucial that you work with a company that’s known worldwide for their expertise in international moves. Bekins’ partner, Crown Relocations, is that company.

From shipping your high-value belongings to making sure your pets arrive safely at their new home in a different country, you can count on the Bekins and Crown Relocations team to give you a simple, worry-free moving experience.

Why Should I Choose Bekins for My International Move?

There’s a reason Bekins and Crown Relocations is the #1 choice among international moving companies. It’s because we’ve been the leading expert in all things moving for 130 years; we know what works, what doesn’t and how to adjust our moving services based on your specific needs.

Storage Services for International Moves

It happens quite often that our international clients need access to storage, especially during international corporate moves. As a full-service international moving company, Crown Relocations has all of your storage needs covered. With more than 207 warehouses in 58 different countries, we can safely store your belongings no matter where you’re coming from or where you’re headed.

International Relocation Assistance

There aren’t many international moving companies that can offer as many relocation services as Bekins and Crown Relocations. We can offer the following international services:

  • Immigration services
  • Intercultural training
  • Language training
  • Home-sale services
  • Property management
  • Preview trip services
  • Home finding assistance
  • School search
  • Post-arrival orientations
  • Partner career support
  • Handyman and domestic help services
  • Furniture rental
  • On-assignment support

Not seeing a service you need? Have questions about what we offer during an international move? Get in touch with Bekins today! We can answer any questions you may have about your upcoming international relocation.

Corporate Global Mobility Services: International Corporate Moves

Our corporate clients often need access to benchmarking expertise, assistance with refining relocation policies and help with program management. At Bekins and Crown Relocations, we have the expertise needed to handle these requests. This is what makes us the only true global provider of international mobility management services.

Program Management Services for International Corporate Moves

In order to fully assist our international corporate clients, we offer several program management services. These services include:

  • Relocation policy counseling
  • Program administration
  • On-assignment support
  • Repatriation services

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Frequently Asked Questions About International Moves:

What services does Bekins offer for international moves?

When handling international moves, Bekins partners with Crown Relocations, a company with a worldwide reputation for outstanding international moving services. Our international moving services include storage, relocation assistance, corporate global relocation, and more.

How do I adjust to living in a new time zone?

About a month before you leave, change your sleeping schedule to match the new destination’s time zone. Adjust more easily by cutting back on alcohol, caffeine and sugar, drinking plenty of water, and getting a lot of rest about 3 days before you leave. Once you get to the new destination, do whatever the locals would do at the time you arrive. Melatonin can be a helpful supplement if you continue having trouble sleeping. Learn more!

How should I label my moving boxes?

There are a lot of different ways to label your boxes for a move. You could use stickers, label them by room, list the items in the box, or number them. To number your boxes, label each with its destination and then give it a number, like “Blue 1,” for example. Then, make your list with categories for colors and rooms. You’ll know exactly where everything is and where it’s supposed to go. Learn how to label boxes like a pro!

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[Bekins] provides accurate estimates, is responsive to our timing requirements, and ensures our full satisfaction...Our shipments arrived at destination on time and in good condition. Service at destination was equally equally efficient and courteous as at pick-up.

James - March 10, 2021

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