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Great Service by Bekins Agent, Stannard Moving & Storage

September 14, 2011 | Bekins News & Events

Bekins is always delighted to hear from customers about their great move experience.   Here’s a letter received by Bekins agent Stannard Moving & Storage-Iowa City, IA.

“My wife and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job your team did.  It all started from the beginning when you came into our home to give us an estimate for our move.  Professionalism is what comes to mind when we think about it.  Your attention to detail was greatly appreciated and it was that level of detail that helped us obtain an accurate quote.

Mostly, we really appreciated Nicholas, Sylvester, and Tim.  These three are the individuals who made everything happen.  I was really pleased by the level of respect, professionalism, and attention they gave to my wife and me.  I appreciate the amount of time they took to show respect to the home we were leaving as well as the home we were moving in to.  They placed padding around the walls, added cardboard to our floors so they would not get scratched, and took great care in handling our belongings.  These gentlemen worked very hard and in very warm conditions as well!

Nicholas, Sylvester, and Tim far exceeded our expectations when it came to our move.”

When originally scheduling our move with Bekins, it was estimated that our items would arrive between August 1 and August 4.  I was enthusiastic and impressed when Nicholas said he could have our stuff in our new location a day earlier if we would be there.  Needless to say my wife and I were ecstatic with your crew when they came and delivered the morning August 1.

It was amazing to see how skillfully Nicholas drove the moving truck, backing in-between two poles and positioning everything in just the right location so the move would be easier.  It was nice to see how he took charge and led the rest of the team in a professional manner.  Nicholas took time to make sure all of our questions were answered and that everything had been completed to our satisfaction.

Sylvester’s caring and light-hearted attitude shined through as he took time to listen to our needs and speak to us about our move.  He made us feel like we were more than just customers.  Sylvester provided enthusiasm and energy in our move – which we greatly appreciated.

Tim was only on the unloading end of our move and helped to make things move faster during the unloading process.  When I asked him to help me with something or the other, he did not hesitate to offer his assistance.  He provided service with a smile and conducted himself in a very professional manner that should be recognized.

All three of these gentlemen should be highly commended and recognized for their amazing service and professionalism.  I am not sure how promotions work in the moving business, but if I were in your position, I would be seriously considering some hefty promotions.  Your team provided us with excellence!  You would have been proud to see them in action as they represented themselves, you, and your company.

If my wife and I were to move again, we would have absolutely no reservation about using your company once again.  In fact, we would even prefer to have these gentlemen back into our home if a move becomes necessary in the future.  I’m not sure how feasible it would be to have them come all the way out to Indiana, but I have a hard time believing that another company or group of individuals would be able to provide the same level of satisfaction to their customers as Nicholas, Sylvester, and Tim.

Thank you Randy for ensuring a top-notch team for our move.  We truly appreciate what you have done for us, what your company has done for us, and what your team of highly skilled and highly qualified workers has done for us.”


Andy G

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