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“How many trucks will it take to move my things?”

November 14, 2012 | Moving Guides & Tips

One of the things first timer movers may not realize that the industry takes for a given is that there will often need to be more than one customer’s household goods on a truck in order to put together a driver’s trip.

The average 53-foot trailer can hold around 20,000-25,000 pounds of household goods, depending on the skill of the loaders and types of items being loaded.

Many people tend to overestimate the amount of space their household goods occupy. If it can feel a house, it must be able to fill a truck, right? It can surprise many first-timers to learn that the average four-bedroom house can very roughly range anywhere from 7000-10,000 pounds. This means that all but the largest homes will need to grouped with multiple loads in order to fill a truck. This is why smaller shipments often have longer delivery spreads—more shipments will fit on the truck, which means greater delivery variability.

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