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Stress-Free Moving: 3 Tips for Emotional and Physical Health During a Move

May 31, 2016 | Household Moves

You have a long list of to-dos before you move, and you can’t help but feel a little stressed and overwhelmed. After all, you’ve got to get your home ready for showings, transfer your kids’ records to their new school, just to name a few items of business.

In times of stress, like during a move, your healthy habits can go out the window, and your increased stress can weaken your immune system. Your to-do list is long enough already, and it won’t get any shorter just because you catch the flu and need to take a few days to recuperate.

Stay healthy during your move! Below are three tips that will help you remain mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.

1. Prioritize and Organize

This tip is a mental exercise with major physical health benefits. You’ve got a lot to get done, so prioritize and organize! Some people have difficulties setting time aside to plan when they feel like they have so much to do. But taking an extra 15 minutes each day to strategize can help you relax and get more done.

Start by writing down everything you can possibly think of that needs to get done. You’ll think of more as you go along, but for now, try to empty your head of all those little stray thoughts that cause you stress.

Next, prioritize. What needs to get done soonest? What can wait until a less busy day? Your moving company can be a huge help in this step because they’ve moved clients all over the world and know what needs to get done and when.

In fact, prioritizing and organizing with your moving company will allow you to focus on those personal details that your moving company can’t help with much. While you’re busy planning your going-away party, your moving company can take care of the big, logistical issues, like how to pack and ship your furniture across the country.

Planning will allow you to feel less frenzied, and that has some big benefits, including better sleep and improved relationships with your loved ones. Take a little time to strategize and you won’t be taking a lot of time to be sick later.

2. Take a 30-Minute Time-Out

You send your kids on the occasional time-out. You should do something similar. During a stressful period of time, you may stop taking time for yourself because you’re busy taking care of everything else. But these situations are when taking time for yourself matters most.

A 30-minute time-out can happen anytime, day or night, and you can spend it doing just about anything that helps you relax. Maybe you need a hot bubble-bath to help you unwind at the end of the day or a brisk walk outside between packing sessions. Do something that will help you relax, think clearly, process your emotions, and rejuvenate.

Because your health is a bit more fragile during a move, it may be a good idea to use this 30-minute time period to exercise or get a little extra sleep. Download a yoga app and do a few stretches each day, go for a run, or head to the gym. Take a nap if you need to! Listen to your body and pay attention to your physical needs.

Taking 30 minutes for yourself each day will also help your mental health. Curl up with a good book or go out for lunch with a friend. As you care for your emotional needs, you’ll have much more energy each day. Your 30-minute time-out should include all kinds of activities that help you feel centered, healthy, and at peace.

3. Eat Well

There’s nothing wrong with ordering a pizza every once in a while, especially if you do so after a long day of packing, cleaning, and preparing for the move. But if you make unhealthy eating a habit during your move, you’ll have less energy and might suffer from other side effects.

You can easily lose your motivation to eat well during stressful times. You might not have the time to make a well-balanced meal. Time is a precious commodity during a move, so we recommend you occasionally use your planning time and your 30-minute time-out to help you. Plan your meals and grocery shopping lists during your short daily planning session, and use part of your me-time to cook.

You may have neighbors or family members who offer to help. You shrug off their offers, but don’t be afraid to ask for help! If someone offers, ask for a healthy meal or babysitting time so you can make dinner while someone else takes care of the kids.

Eating well will help you keep up your energy, keep your body in shape, and keep your immune system strong.

As you strategize, take time to relax, exercise, and eat healthily, you’ll stave off stress-related illness and keep up your energy so you can get everything done for your move.

Have questions about how you can make your move even more stress free? Call your moving company today and see how they can help.

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