America’s Best Cities for Sushi Lovers

You recently discovered that you’ll need to move soon. Whether you need to relocate for a new job or you want to raise your family in a different part of the country, you know that your pending move will bring its share of drama, stress, and discomfort.

You love your current city as well. You know where all the best shops are, which stores have the best deals, and your favorite sushi restaurant is just a few minutes away. You know you’ll find new stores to shop at, but what about sushi restaurants? After all, sushi is a delicate dish to make, and only the most skilled chefs can safely produce the quality rolls you crave.

Below, we’ve listed several of the best cities in the US to satiate your sushi cravings. Read on to learn which restaurants you should visit in these cities.

Seattle Washington | Space Needle

Seattle, Washington | Space Needle on Left

1. Seattle, Washington

You’re likely familiar with Seattle because of the Space Needle that calls this great city home. But what you probably don’t know is that Seattle is home to a huge Asian population. And this diverse culture has made Seattle one of the best cities for sushi.

Restaurants like Shiro’s Sushi Restaurant, Umi Sake House, and Palisade all offer traditional and unique rolls you’ll love. You’ll find anything from surf-and-turf options to sashimi and rainbow rolls.

2. Portland, Oregon

Because Portland is close to the coast, you can find a plethora of restaurants that offer incredibly fresh sushi. Depending on where in Portland you move to, you can visit eateries like Hokusei, a restaurant that blends Portland-style cuisine with traditional-style sushi rolls.

Their menu features commonly loved rolls like the sunshine and spider rolls. But the chefs here also make rolls you won’t find anywhere else. For example, the shinobi roll is filled with cucumber, spicy tuna, shishito pepper, and wasabi to give you an incredible flavor explosion.

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3. Santa Barbara, California

If you plan to move to the southwest region of the US, then California is a great place to consider-especially because the state offers plenty of sushi restaurants. With so many options to choose from in Santa Barbara alone, you’ll always find something to keep eating sushi new and adventurous.

Arigato Sushi, for example, turns sushi into an art form. The chefs at this restaurant carefully plate each piece of sushi and accent it with drizzles of sauce and sprinklings of herbs. You can even branch out from sushi and try some of the other items on their menu, like broiled scallops on a pile of sushi rice.

4. Chicago, IL

Though this metropolis resides in the heartland of the US, it still provides its residents with some of the highest quality sushi around. More often than not, you’ll find restaurants that offer you more unique sushi options rather than traditional ones.

Restaurants like Mirai combine traditional rolls with unique flavors and ingredients. For example, the Ika Uni Ae is a dish of thinly sliced squid topped with a sea urchin sauce that adds a creamy and sweet taste. Other restaurants, like Arami in Chicago, strive for excellence with each dish they serve patrons. And the menu at this eatery branches out into other Asian flavors.

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Though Georgia is primarily known for its hearty, southern home cooking, you can still find some of the most excellent sushi in this state. Specifically, Atlanta houses some of the most visited sushi restaurants in the area.

Visit restaurants like Tomo. This sushi hot spot offers a lunch and dinner menu, so you can get sushi in the middle of your work day or for a special night on the town. You’ll find unique, delectable rolls in this restaurant as well. The chefs artfully prepare dishes like cucumber sunomono, tulip wings, and spicy scallop rolls.

The house special roll features smelt egg, salmon, white fish, yellowtail, eel, tuna, and avocado. Prefer something a little more daring? Consider trying the squid ink roll, made from fried calamari, roasted red peppers, shiso, and asparagus, and topped with a squid ink sauce.

Other delightful restaurants in Atlanta include Umi. At this eatery, the chefs create truly unique rolls and dishes, like a sushi roll that they fill with tuna and lychee fruit.

As you prepare for your next move, keep the cities mentioned in this blog in mind. No matter which city you choose to move to, you’ll find great cuisine in these areas. Though these restaurants will be new to you, the food is something familiar that will bring your comfort and that can make the transition much smoother.

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  1. wait no Los angeles? Los angeles has a fantastic sushi scene from both lower priced spots like sushi gen to ultra high end destinations like mori, zo, and the famed urasawa

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