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3 Types of Relocations That Call for a Move Coordinator

May 9, 2017 | Commercial Moves, Employee Relocation, Moving Specialty Items

Perhaps you’re an individual who’s downsizing or a business manager transferring an entire office. If you’re on your own trying to handle the move, you may not have the time or ability to manage all of the duties involved in relocating. Relocation or move coordinators take on the numerous tasks and communications involved in getting you and your stuff from one place to another.

Move coordinators do their best work when you hire them early in your moving timeline. However, a move coordinator may also be hired when you’re pressed for time. You should hire a coordinator to help manage your address change if you’re in one of the following three relocation situations.

You’re Too Busy to Manage a Transfer

Busy executives need assistance with daily tasks even without a sudden transfer. When you add the many steps involved in coordinating a household move to an office across the country, it’s understandable that the transferee needs dedicated assistance.

In many cases, your company will provide an in-house relocation specialist for you. This coordinator may have a limited role. Services may be confined to handling HR issues, including transferring company phone services and making address changes on insurance and employment documentation. The relocation specialist helps your employer but doesn’t get involved with your moving details.

In other cases, your employer will provide a dedicated move coordinator to handle your household packing and unpacking, moving van rental, and long-distance travel to the new location. Your employer may also reimburse you if you hire your own move coordinator through your truck rental company.

If you are able to negotiate your relocation package components, ask to have the fees for a move coordinator included in your compensation. These specialists keep track of your moving expenses, and documentation for these expenses is important at tax time if you do receive relocation assistance from your employer. The IRS expects you to keep very detailed records of moving costs if you wish to deduct them or wish not to count your relocation package as additional income.

You’re a Senior or an Adult with Disabilities

Like anyone else, older individuals or those with disabilities sometimes need to buy a new home, downsize, or move closer to relatives. However, your physical strength may limit how much you can participate in the actual move.

If you can’t manage packing, loading boxes, and driving a moving van, you can hire someone to perform these tasks. If you’re overwhelmed with coordinating the logistics of your move, from making sure dates match to having utilities disconnected and connected, a move coordinator can be hired to handle these tasks too. Your moving company most likely offers this service.

There are some services dedicated to helping seniors and adults with special needs relocate. Coordinators who work strictly with seniors and the disabled charge $40 to $125 per hour. Many of these specialists help with finding new doctors and other support services you will need in your new location. A moving coordinator can arrange transportation for you to get to your new residence and ensure that your belongings are unpacked and arranged properly in your new space.

Senior moving services can arrange to find recipients for your unneeded items, a detail that is important if you have useful items but no longer needs them yourself. Your kids or friends may want to simply toss these items in the trash. All move coordinators help seniors safely pack sentimental and delicate items so they make the trip to your new place in one piece.

If you plan to stay with family or in temporary housing until you find a suitable residence in your new city, a move coordinator can arrange for short-term storage of your stuff. This service keeps your household belongings secure and tidy until you have a permanent address.

You’re Relocating a Business

If you’re moving an entire office or business to a new location, you definitely need a move coordinator to make the move happen smoothly. Appoint a capable employee to be your in-house relocation contact. That person can handle some of the move coordination.

When you hire an outside coordinator through your moving company, they will go to work with your in-house coordinator to help make a solid plan for the relocation. The move coordinator listens to your needs when it comes to your priorities and arranges for services that meet your moving goals. International moving coordinators can even help with immigration, furniture rental, and language training for your staff.

Move coordinators have managed many corporate and business moves, so they’re available to help you develop a relocation timeline. They can assist you in creating a plan and compiling a list of tasks that your employees must complete, from packing up their desks to keeping accurate logs of the hours they spend on the relocation project.

Coordinators know how to communicate your specific packing and moving requirements to the moving crew so you can focus on other matters related to the relocation.

Contact Bekins Van Lines, Inc. today to receive professional, experienced help with your personal or business move. We have move coordinators on staff who specialize in all types of relocations from local to cross-country moves. We also partner with full-service international moving experts to make your out-of-country move smooth and successful.

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