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7 Efficient Packing Tips

February 15, 2019 | Packing Guides & Tips

1.  Don’t procrastinate – The longer you put off packing, the more stressful (and less organized) it will be. By packing up seasonal decorations and lesser-used household items early, you can get a jump start. Packing items that you won’t use before your move will also free up space and allow you to better organize.

2.  Go room-by-room – Packing up each room individually will help keep you organized and on track. By packing room-by-room, you will see progress instead of random boxes scattered throughout your home.

3.  Use moving boxes – Moving boxes are specifically designed to handle the weight of household goods. Moving boxes also come in uniform sizes, allowing you to make more efficient use of space.

4.  Label clearly – Clear labels on your moving boxes will make unpacking much easier. We recommend labeling the top and sides of each box for where you want the box to go in your new home.

5.  Utilize dish and glassware packing kits – These kits are specifically designed to protect fragile items in a move.

6.  Pack important documents separately – We recommend taking important documents with you and not putting them on your moving truck. Pack your important family documents so they are easily accessible in the case you may need them. We recommend creating a binder to keep your health records, passports, insurance info, family records, pet records and other important documents safe during your move.

7.  Use packing paper – Newspapers can bleed onto your items and leave marks. Unless you want to add some color to your china, use packing paper.

Packing your home can be a challenging part of the moving process, but it doesn’t have to be. Our moving services were designed to fit a wide range of needs. If you have a simple move where you do a full or partial pack, we offer a do-it-yourself moving kit complete with everything you’ll need. If you’re looking for a more hands-off approach, let our team of skilled professional movers handle all the packing for you. Whatever your preference, your Bekins representatives are here to help and support you with every step of your move.

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