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When to Use Valuation Protection

April 17, 2020 | Moving Specialty Items

Moving anything expensive or easily damaged? It’s important to protect those items. A protection plan while moving will help alleviate worry about your upcoming move, because you’ll be compensated if anything were to happen to your items.

Moving every possession you own is a big deal. You want to make sure your items are protected against any type of potential loss or damage. When you work with an expert moving company like Bekins, the professional movers do everything they can to ensure the safety and protection or your shipment. Unfortunately, however, even if you use the best movers, accidents can happen. You should always consider extra moving protection.

What is valuation protection?

Valuation protection is a form of limited moving coverage. It’s a carrier liability that’s common among moving companies. This type of protection plan provides some sort of compensation if something were to happen to your items, like loss or damage.

What are my liability options?

It’s important to know your options. The type of protection you should get for your move depends on the items you’re moving. Bekins offers two levels of liability:

  1. Limited liability protection is provided at no extra cost when you work with Bekins. It values your belongings based only on weight: sixty cents per pound, per item. In the event of a claim settlement, you’ll be compensated at this rate no matter what the item—in other words, a television will be compensated at the same rate as a dining room table.
  2. Full Replacement Value Protection (FRVP) provides a higher level of compensation if your items are damaged. It’s a great way to protect your move! Unlike insurance, we’ll place a dollar amount on your items based on a declared value that you set as well as the deductible level you choose. The Bekins FRVP policies are based on a release value of $6 per pound. For example, if you choose to purchase FRVP on your shipment that weighs 10,000 pounds, the default value is $60,000. You can increase the value to a larger amount if you want. You’ll need to elect your valuation coverage and deductible levels before we begin loading your items into the moving van. If there is any damage, your belongings are repaired or replaced at the value declared minus the chosen deductible (if applicable). Replacement will occur with the unrepairable items

When should I use valuation protection?

If you’re moving anything expensive or easily damaged, it’s an excellent idea to consider full protection. Items of extraordinary value are defined as those items having a value of greater than $100 per pound. If you’re moving currency, fur garments, jewelry, china sets, figurines or antiques, for example, you should consider full protection.

Investing in protection for your items during your move is just another way to relieve some stress about the big day. Get peace of mind with your precious items with FRVP.

When do I pay for FRVP?

Your local Bekins agent will quote you a price for the valuation level you choose on your shipment. We’ll add that  cost to the overall cost of shipment. Payment for your shipment is due prior to delivery.

If you have any questions about moving and valuation protection, get in touch with the experts at Bekins! Our goal is to make your moving experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

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