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CDC Guidelines For Moving Companies

June 12, 2020 | Bekins News & Events

For many, being safe during the pandemic means working remotely or celebrating birthdays via Zoom call. For moving companies, following CDC guidelines is pretty simple. The team at Bekins performs the following four actions for every single move:

Always sending a healthy crew & drivers

Before we dispatch a crew to your home, we make sure to take the temperatures of every team member and ask them about any other symptoms. This way you can have peace of mind when they arrive at your home.

Using personal protection equipment (PPE)

When our crews show up to your home, they’ll be wearing masks. They’ll continue to utilize their PPE while they create an action plan and pack and load your boxes into the truck. They’re hopeful you can still see their smiling eyes while their mouths are covered up!

Maintaining a 6-foot social distance

Our drivers and crews are friendly, but they might seem physically stand-offish during your move. That’s because they are excellent practitioners of social distancing. When they arrive at your residence, they will wave and smile rather than shake your hand. When they have questions for you during packing and loading, they’ll address you politely from 6 feet away. We appreciate your help in maintaining that distance, as everyone is still getting used to that new behavior.

Consistent hand washing

While the Bekins team is in your residence, our drivers and crew will frequently wash their hands.

Those are the four CDC guidelines all of our agents across the country will be performing to keep drivers, crews, and customers safe and healthy. Some of our agents are even coming up with their own best practices, including:
Using sanitizer between moves on their trucks and other equipment
Sending crew members in separate vehicles
Limiting the number of people in your home by performing more virtual estimates

Talk with your local Bekins agent about what to expect during your move. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do to keep you, your family, and our crew healthy and safe during your move, read our article about tips on a safe move during a pandemic.

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