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How to Find the Best Moving Company

May 5, 2022 | Moving Guides & Tips

Finding the best moving company for your family’s move can be a tough order, especially if this is your first time moving in a long time, or if you’re looking for the right professional movers for your relocation. 

On top of finding a company that can best serve your needs, you also need to find a moving company that works with integrity and is well within your target price range and budget. It can be easy to hire the first movers you find and just hope for the best, but that method rarely ends in a positive experience. So what’s the best way to learn about how to hire movers? Let’s investigate the ways to know you’re hiring professional movers who will provide you with the right services and the right overall experience. 

How Do I Find the Best Moving Company? 

As you might know, finding the right moving company can be tough to do, and usually requires a lot of comparisons and shopping around before you find a company that is the right fit. You’ll not only need to look out for companies who won’t provide you with the customer service you deserve but for those who will overcharge you or who turn out to be scammers. Finding the right company that’s dependable and well-priced can be done, but you’ll need to know what to look for and how to go about the process. 

Finding the best moving company is all about relying on the positive experiences of others and doing thorough investigations of your own into their business practices. Let’s get you started with the right process for finding a professional moving company. 

  • Talk to Family & Friends

The best way to find reliable professional movers for your relocation is by talking to friends, family, or even coworkers who have had positive moving experiences with different companies before. When asking for recommendations, make sure you’re asking people who have already successfully embarked on a similar move to what you’re going to be doing. This is especially important if they’ve had a good experience with a moving company for a larger household or office move across multiple states or internationally.

If you’re working with a real estate agent or brokerage to find your new home, they might have established relationships with certain moving companies as well. This might help you get a discount! Even if your real estate company doesn’t have an existing relationship with any professional movers, asking your agent for recommendations can be another good way to find some reliable referrals for moving companies their other clients have used in the past. 

  • Shop Around

A common mistake a lot of people make while learning how to hire movers is going with the first company they receive a quote from. However, the best way to make sure you’re receiving the best pricing for your moving services is by shopping around and receiving quotes from multiple different companies. Remember, don’t settle! Ask at least three different moving companies for in-person or detailed estimates that will give both you and them an accurate estimate of how much your moving services will cost. 

If a moving company does not offer you a free moving quote, you’ll be better off not working with them anyway. Reputable moving companies will always offer you a free moving estimate, whether through an in-person home visit or by trying to get as much information as possible to give you an accurate estimate virtually or over the phone.  Never pay a company for a moving quote, or put cash or a sizable amount as a down payment following a quote you receive. 

  • Beware of Scammers

As we said, you’ll need to be very careful and be mindful of potential moving scammers or those who don’t have your best interests in mind during your moving process. Most reputable moving companies will never ask you to put down a cash deposit before you move. Look out for red flags during your estimate – if the company you’re vetting seems particularly focused on getting money upfront, it’s a big sign of a potential scam. 

Never work with movers who show up to your estimate late, or who don’t respect your time as a client. Take note of your movers’ confidence level and expertise, as well as how professional or unprofessional their conduct is during the entire estimate process. If they’re late to your estimate, don’t seem too sure about their abilities or about the size or scope of your move, or just plain can’t answer the questions you might have for them, move on and find another moving company that will work for you and who will treat you and your things carefully and respectfully.

Another huge warning sign of a scam to look out for during the moving process is if your potential moving company shows up in an unmarked or rented moving truck or van. Professional movers will always own and provide their equipment, and should never show up in any vehicle that isn’t a part of the company. 

  1. Check Licenses & Insurance

Always procure your moving company’s U.S. DOT number, which every licensed cross-country mover should have, to cross-reference with the U.S Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can verify your company’s license number through the FMCSA’s website as well. Having this information will also help you later on if you have to file a claim against your company (which you hopefully won’t have to!). If you’re moving locally, check these numbers with your local consumer affairs agency. 

  • Look Up Online Reviews

Look up reviews for your company found on the Better Business Bureau (BBB)’s website, and see how people’s experiences with them have gone. Look out for reports of misconduct, irresponsible or inefficient delivery, or damaging items while in transportation. If you research your company’s full history with the Better Business Bureau and they’re accredited or at least in good standing, you’ll probably be in good shape. Never work in a company not listed for the BBB or that has a poor rating on the site. 

Comparing Professional Movers

Besides the tools we’ve outlined for you above to choose the best moving company, you can also do a little extra (without too much effort!) to make sure the company you’re thinking of working with is reputable. 

Check out the American Moving & Storage Association’s site to compare moving companies and learn more about the professional accreditations associated with the company you’re thinking of working with. You should always look for a company that carries the American Moving & Storage Association’s ProMover logo, and that is accredited by the organization. 

By using movers with the best professional accreditations, you’ll not only ensure that you’re working with a company that has garnered a good professional reputation, but that you’ll receive a professional and high-quality moving experience that will be positive, efficient, and overall beneficial for you and your family. 

When figuring out how to hire movers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options out there, but when you have the right process on your side, you’ll be able to successfully narrow down moving companies to find the right one for you and your family. With these tips, you’ll be confident in your choice and in your professional movers’ ability to transport your items safely and efficiently to your new home. 

The Right Moving Company for You

No matter how much research you do into your moving company, you’ll only know if they’re truly right for you once you start working with them, and getting the moving process underway. 

When you use Bekin Van Lines for all of your local, long-distance, and international moving needs, you’ll never have to worry about getting the right service and right relocation experience. At Bekins, we know that no two moves are the same, and should be treated with the level of individuality you deserve. That’s why we approach every move we operate with a fresh eye, but also with the experience and expertise that over 100 years in the relocation industry has brought us. 

Over the past many years, we’ve conducted successful moves of all sizes, scopes, and types, and have used each of these experiences to then provide a better move than we had before our future customers and clients. After all, providing the best customer experiences is why we’re able to have stayed in business for this long, and are proud to have a reputation that precedes us for giving our clients positive relocation experiences. 

At Bekins Van Lines, we stop at nothing to ensure that you’re satisfied with your moving experience and that you receive amazing, transparent service and quick and efficient delivery once we’ve picked up your items. Our drivers, moving crews, and customer service representatives alike are highly trained and are the best in the industry, and will treat you with the individualized service you want from those handling your important household items, while also having the confidence in our moving abilities thanks to decades of experience and years and expertise. 

Want to learn more about Bekins and our services? We’ll show you that we’re the right professional movers for you through our unparalleled services and quality from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about services or to receive a free quote. 

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