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A timeline of what you need to do in order to move on time

November 27, 2022 | Moving Guides & Tips

We understand that moving can be stressful for you. That is why you need a timeline before preparing yourself for the great day. The real preparation for the relocation starts much ahead of your move date. It is appreciable if you can have a two-month gap before the move to complete all the necessary arrangements without any hassle. This will give you ample time not only to prepare yourself physically, but also mentally, including your family and pets as well. Here is all you need to know to make your move stress-free and avoid the last-minute rush.

Make a to-do list – Moving to a new place is like organizing a big event. It is not easy to manage without proper planning. Therefore, it is necessary to make a to-do list of the things you need to do before the move. The best method is to create a ‘moving folder’ in your PC where you can store all your moving related documents including the to-do list. This will help you to manage your tasks in time.

Pack your essentials – Packing is the most difficult task during a relocation. The objects in your home have been collected over a long period and to pack all these items at a stretch is a herculean task. Hence, it is wise to begin your packing well in advance. You can start by eliminating unwanted items or those that you do not use now. Instead of throwing away, you may donate or sell these items to those in need.

Before packing, collect all packing supplies like boxes, scissors, paper, and marker pen to avoid interruptions in between. Evenly sized boxes will make packing and transportation easier and safer. Label each box with the name of the content inside, and the room to which it is to be transferred. Pack those items that you do not use daily a few weeks earlier, and then gradually include more items on a regular basis to complete the entire packing before the due date.

Plan your moving budget – Moving is an expensive process that can drain your budget, if not planned carefully. Make a list of the entire expenses that you need to meet during the move. This includes buying packing supplies, transportation costs, bills you need to settle before relocating, charges you need to pay for your new service providers and much more. Then, check whether you have the amount to settle the bills in your bank. If not, you must find a way to procure the money for your moving before the due date to avoid last-minute delay.

Visit the new place – Take a visit to the city you are relocating to a few days before the moving date. This will help you to get accustomed to the place and make necessary arrangements before you move there. Meet your future neighbors and ask them about the popular service providers, schools, and other facilities near your home. This early preparation allows you to make a smooth transition during the move.

Contact service providers – You may be using many services like internet, television channels, cooking gas, telephone, and electricity at your home. As you are about to make a move, inform these service providers in advance regarding your plan, so that the disconnection procedures can be done before the last moment.

Prepare kids and pets – It is not the physical challenges alone you need to address during a move, but it involves mentally preparing your kids for a complete change. Children are very sensitive and takes time to adjust to such sudden changes in their environment. The same applies to your pets like dogs or cats that may get disturbed with a change in surroundings. Therefore, make sure that you prepare them by slowly conveying the positive side of moving to the new place.

Create an inventory of items – Most people do not take this seriously and forget to make an inventory of the items that are being packed for the move. However, the problem starts when the things are unpacked at the new residence. You may find that many items are missing and have no idea where they have gone. An inventory can help you at this stage and figure out exactly where they have gone missing.

Make travel arrangements – Another major responsibility you need to address during a move is to make travel arrangements. If it is a long-distance move, you may need to reserve flight ticket and arrange the transportation of your vehicles, goods, and pets. All these involve a lot of formalities and only if you start in advance, you will be able to make all arrangements before the time.

Contact moving companies – Taking all the responsibilities for your move single-handed can be stressful than you think. Here is where moving companies can help you complete your task. Selecting the right moving company is essential to ensure a smooth move. There are various moving companies like household movers, state to state movers, long distance movers, out of state movers, interstate movers and movers for veterans. Some companies provide one or more of these services.

The ideal option would be to get a moving quote from at least three companies and select the company that offer the best service at minimum price. The internet will help you to find the best long distance moving company or one of the best national moving companies in your locality through online reviews and testimonials.

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