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7 Packing & Moving Tips for Military Families

September 28, 2022 | Goverment & Military Moving

Taking on a move can be overwhelming for anybody, but military families for a move often have to take even more into account when gearing up for another move. Because families in the services move frequently, there tends to be even more for them to consider when gearing up to head to a new base. Whether you’re being moved for the first time or are well used to relocations by this point, we’ve got some of the best tips to make your next military moving experience easy and efficient.

Military Moving Tips

Whether a veteran or on active duty, military families tend to get new orders to move fairly often throughout the years. Being prepared and having a working strategy to make your move easy will make the transition to your new place that much easier. The following are some of our best tips for getting ready for a move.

  1. Decluttering Before a Move
  2. Find the Best Moving Company for You
  3. Schedule Your Movers Early
  4. Make Use of Military Resources
  5. Get Organized
  6. Your moving orders
  7. Housing paperwork (past and present)
  8. Base contact info
  9. Inventory of your household items
  10. Moving schedule
  11. Budget goals
  12. Birth certificates
  13. Insurance documents (car, house, rental, etc.)
  14. Medical records
  15. Government IDs and passports
  16. Military IDs
  17. Pet documents and licenses
  18. Travel reservations or hotel bookings
  19. Make an Inventory of Your Items
  20. Take Advantage of Military Discounts

At the end of the day, no matter where your military move might take you, having the best packing and moving strategy on your side will put you ahead and make a huge difference in how stressful or stress-free your move is. Find the right veterans moving company in Bekin Van Lines, which will give you the best full-service moving experience from start to finish. Our experience in military moving and unparalleled customer service will also ensure that you receive the best services for the best prices and that your move is as successful and professional as possible.

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