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What to Prepare for an International Move

September 22, 2022 | International Moves, Long Distance Moves

International moving is often a long process that requires a lot of planning and preparation to keep things developing as they should and running smoothly. When taking on an international move, it’s imperative to follow the right procedures for you and your family to keep things on track and to ensure that all of the many variables at play fall together as they should.

From finding the right international movers to packing your things, to preparing yourself and gathering documentation for a huge transition like this, international moving is a huge undertaking that can be pretty overwhelming if you’re not taking the time to plan and breathe. So where do you even begin to prepare for a move like this? We’ll run you through the best tips to improve your international move so that you’ll be more than prepared to get on that plane and start your new life abroad.

How to Choose an International Professional Moving Company

Before we get into an international moving checklist, let’s get one of the biggest considerations out of the way for you and your relocation: finding the right movers to take on your overseas move.

When looking for international movers, you should first look for a company with a lot of experience in the industry in general, and who also has years of experience specifically in international moving. If you work with a company that has never performed a successful international move before, or one that’s never moved entire households or businesses overseas in the past, you’ll be setting yourself up for a stressful process that could involve a lot of obstacles and complicated hardships.

Instead of making this already-complicated process more challenging than it has to be, work with a professional moving company that will not only move your items overseas without hassle or stress but who will also help you through the international moving process itself.

Always look at third-party review sites for genuine reviews from past customers who have used the company you’re looking at for international moves in the past. See what their customer experience was, and what the overall consensus on your movers’ level of customer service and overall professionalism was throughout the entirety of the process. This is also a good way to see how the professional moving company handles a poor review or negative customer experience.

Always compare quotes and shop around to look at estimates from multiple companies before making your decision. This is the best way to not only get you the best deal on your moving services but to also help you spot moving scams or those who won’t give you the service you need for a move of this scale. Don’t get us wrong – if you’re not sure where to look for an international moving company, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Once you’ve shopped around, see what Arpin Van Lines can do for your relocation to make it a smooth and seamless international move and to go above and beyond to give you the best service and pricing.

International Moving Checklist

Now that you’ve found the right international movers for you, it’s time to begin preparation for the moving process! To perform a successful international move, you’ll need to follow some critical steps to keep you on track and to allow you to prepare important action items gradually instead of rushing around. The following are our top international moving tips:

  1. Save Up!
  2. Prepare Government Documents
  3. Notify Government Agencies
  4. Form Your Travel Schedule
  5. Book your flight to your new country (or research when the lowest flight prices are if you’re planning far in advance).
  6. Plan your route to and from the airport in both your current and new country, whether through Taxi, Uber/Lyft (if available in the country), or train. You don’t want to land in another country without a plan to get from there to your new home – especially if you don’t speak the language. Plan ahead to ensure you can get to your home safely and efficiently.
  7. Take time off for your travel and to settle into your new space.
  8. Book any hotels that you’ll need.
  9. Familiarize yourself with the layout of your new country, and prepare any directions you might need.
  10. Prepare yourself to get a new phone or SIM card for your move at the airport or when you arrive. You can also lookup international phone plans if you’re not staying permanently and want to keep your US phone number.
  11. Settle Into Your New Home
  12. Make Living Arrangements
  13. Find Work
  14. Find a Bank
  15. Get Your License
  16. Set Up Healthcare

Now that you’re on your way to preparing for your international move properly, we hope you’re excited about the process and for what your life abroad might bring you. International moving is complicated but so worth it for those who want to expand their horizons and lifestyles past their current country.

Looking for the right international moving company for your needs? See what Arpin Van Lines can do for you and your family’s relocation when you use our international moving services today.

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