Alternative Surveys

Get an Alternative/Virtual Survey With Bekins Van Lines

An alternative survey with Bekins Van Lines is a way to receive moving quotes online. Moving costs can be unpredictable, but with our online estimates you can get peace of mind. Your time and safety are our priorities, that’s why we offer virtual moving estimates. 

What Is a Virtual Estimate? 

The types of virtual estimates we offer include: 

1. Telephone Survey

Our telephone survey allows you to talk with your Bekins representative over the phone about your items. This can be done with a landline as it’s audio only. 

Your local Bekins agent will ask you questions about the size and number of your items, the distance of your move and more. They might ask for photos of your home and belongings in order to provide a more accurate price. 

2. Video Quote

To utilize this method, you will need a fully charged smartphone or tablet, flashlight, tape measure and Wi-Fi or cell data. A video quote will take about 1 hour. During that hour, you will video chat with a professional mover (your Bekins agent), who will lead you through every step of the way. 

3. Artificial intelligence (AI) Survey

You will conduct this type of survey using our AI software. This method is similar to the video survey. However, there are no Bekins representatives involved in the initial step of the AI method.

Our best tip for customers who decide to record an artificial intelligence survey is to open every drawer and closet on camera and show every nook and cranny. The little areas in your home can contain more items to be moved than you might think. 

When Can I Use an Alternative Survey Method? 

Whether you want to practice social distancing or you’re on a tight timeline, having a local Bekins agent in your home isn’t always the best option. There are many reasons to use one of our virtual moving estimate methods including: 

How Do I Get Started With an Alternative Survey? 

Whether you’re looking for long distance moving quotes online or you need an estimate for your local move, get started with an alternative survey. To schedule a virtual estimate, give us a call at 1-800-456-8092 or contact your local Bekins agent! We can get you started with your preferred survey option and answer any questions you may have.