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Moving Tips – Planning All the Details

October 28, 2011 | Moving Guides & Tips

Here are some good moving tips to help you get ready for your move.   The more organized you are, the better your move will be.  Thanks to the MovePoint Blog for these great suggestions and reminders.  As always, plan all the details early – it will help your move a little less stressful!  At Bekins, we know that planning ahead will allow you to prepare for the difficult task ahead.  And of course, contact Bekins to schedule an in-home survey to get a cost estimate.  __________________________________________________________
1. Start Early – When it comes to moving, there is nothing worse than procrastinating until the very last-minute. If you do you’ll be sabotaging yourself from the start and your move will be chaotic, rather than organized and stress-free. So start planning for your move earlier on, rather than wait until later.

2. Start collecting boxes and packing materials early –
Always ensure that you have enough packing supplies. Be sure to have plenty of trash bags because this is the best time to purge all the things that are not needed anymore. It makes no sense to take these things to the new house with you if they will just be taking up space. Instead, either donate them or throw things away.

3. Create your own personalize moving checklist –
You might want to organize it by room (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen), or by family member, or by types of items (outdoor gear, pet supplies, clothing, etc.). You should begin creating your moving checklist. As soon as you learn that you’ll be moving. That will make the process less stressful and ensure that you don’t forget anything.

4. Keep track of costs –
Moving costs, estimates & other moving expenses you should be keeping in a file on your computer.  Create a file on your computer (like an Excel spreadsheet) to keep track of all of the estimates you’ve received. Add any other information that might be necessary when making major financial decisions about your move. This way, at a glance, you can see who has the best prices for you needs, this will save you time and time is money.

5. Check in with your doctor, dentist and vet –
Transfer any prescriptions you or your family members may have to pharmacies near your new home. Be sure to ask for referrals.

6. Keep your records together – Store all hard copies, receipts, brochures, and other moving info in a separate file folder. Anything that you might need to access in the future concerning your move should be kept in one single place, try to keep things within this folder semi-organized, so you’ll be able to retrieve the info quickly when you need it.

7. Important address changes – Don’t forget your bank and credit card Company, and remember to turn in a change of address card to the post office and the IRS.  Completing a post office change of address form will allow your mail to be automatically forwarded to your new address for one year.  That is usually enough time to let everyone know you’ve moved and what your new address is.

8. Is there money coming back to you? –
See if you will be able to write off some of your moving expenses on your taxes.  Your best bet is to check the IRS’s moving expense guidelines to see if any of your moving expenses can be deducted on your taxes. Being able to get some of those moving dollars back later — in the form of tax credits is a great thing!

9. Collect important records –
Like birth certificates and passports and remain conscious of their whereabouts during the moving process.

10. Return borrowed items –
Don’t forget items such as library books, movies etc., pick up items from dry cleaners’ or other service providers, and reclaim any items that have been borrowed from you.

11. Call your utility companies to schedule to shut off dates

You must contact places like the electric company, water company, and phone company ahead of time to let them know you’ll be moving, If you do not you may end up being billed for unused services.

12. Notify a friend! –
Give them all of your exact moving route and plans so someone knows where you are at all times in case of an emergency.

These are the best tips to remember and use for more effective packing and moving to a new house. Just don’t forget the packing supplies especially affordable moving boxes because this is a necessity to get everything moved much easier. Time is your friend when moving so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to make the move because this will ensure you have plenty of time to carefully pack and get your items moved.

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